Best Budget Penis Pumps Bathmate & Penomet – Review

Penis pumps are popular for both desired penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction, most men have heard the term penis pump before, but most are not familiar with its actual function, so it will be interesting for you to learn about the basics, features and benefits of penis pumps below.

What is a penis pump?

Penis pumps have been used for years to help men with erectile dysfunction to get an erection more easily.

The first available pumps operated on an air-vacuum basis and are still in frequent use today; in fact, penis pumps are even financed by some health insurance companies today.

In 2005, Bathmate introduced another, more efficient and powerful innovation of a vacuum penis pump that uses water to generate a vacuum, known as a hydro pump, although the sole purpose of the hydro penis pump is to enlarge the penis, it shows better results than the air-vacuum pump.

In 2012, Penomet introduced its own version of the hydro pump, based on the same principle as the Bathmate pump, but with a completely unique design.

Advantages of penis pumps besides penis enlargement

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Possibly a solution for correction or direction of a crooked penis (Peyronie’s disease)
  • Hydropumps are known to effectively increase penile girth
  • Can provide immediately visible results that are temporary but directly applicable to sexual activity
  • Hydropumps have a user rating of 95% success rate
  • Can ensure that rock-hard erections can be obtained immediately if desired

Penis pumps have been used for years in the medical world to help men who have difficulty getting erections, and the first penis pumps available were air-vacuum pumps.

Although penis pumps have been around for a long time, they are often misunderstood and are considered only as a means of penis enlargement.

The information presented here will hopefully shed some light on what penis pumps really are all about, and in the following we will explain different types of penis pumps, explain how they work, and give tips on how to choose the right pump for penis enlargement.

Penis pumps are very effective in achieving permanent results, provided that they are used regularly and routinely, and usually the routines recommended by the manufacturer are a good start.

Which hydro-penis pumps are available?

Today there are two well-known penis pumps on the market, Bathmate and Penomet, both based on water, which means they are hydro-penis pumps.

The purpose of the penis pump is to create a vacuum to allow the penis to expand while the air is removed, while hydro pumps use water to create the desired vacuum, but otherwise the principle is the same.

Correct use of hydro-penis pumps

If penis pumps are used correctly and regularly for years, permanent penis enlargement is easy to achieve.

Everyone works differently and success can depend on the regularity of use as well as the type of use, and additional penis enlargement products used can also have an impact, just like lifestyle and many other factors.

Parts of the penis pump

Conventional air-vacuum penis pumps consist of two parts, the cylindrical tube and the mechanism used to generate the vacuum, which is usually about 23cm long and has a diameter of 4 to 10cm.

Hydraulic pumps have a different design and usually consist only of the cylindrical tube to which bellows for vacuum formation are attached and which is held directly against the pool.

How Bathmate Works

Two of the best-known manufacturers design their pumps in different ways: Bathmate, for example, uses a fixed bellows system with interchangeable pads for comfort, and Bathmate manufactures different models that are suitable for different penis sizes and can generate different amounts of negative pressure.

The well-known online mail order company, which specializes in sexual health products, offers a great overview of the Bathmate range of models and accessories.

How Penomet works

Penomet, on the other hand, uses a design in which there is only one pump size and the bellows system is interchangeable; each bellows has its own vacuum presetting, which can be changed to a stronger setting at any time if this is not sufficient, and vice versa.

A typical air-vacuum penis pump contains a pressure gauge that allows the pressure levels to be monitored while pumping, which is an important step to avoid accidental penis injury and the right pressure level ensures penis safety and maximizes the success of the results achieved.

Hydraulic pumps, on the other hand, do not have an indicator to track the measurement, but the bellows are set to automatically prevent excessive negative pressure, and hydraulic pumps can have valves that open easily if you feel that too much pressure is built up, and each pump is shipped by the manufacturer with detailed user manual and safety instructions.

How and why do penis pumps work?

When water is drawn from the hydro pump or air from the air-vacuum penis magnifier, a vacuum is created inside the cylindrical tube, causing the penis to swell as the inner parts expand; the vacuum or vacuum causes the tunica, corpus cavernosa and corpus spongiosum to increase and more blood to flow through the penis; and the vacuum causes traction on the penis ligaments, which results in permanent stretching.

Air-vacuum pumps have been around for much longer than sexual enhancers such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra to help men with erectile dysfunction.

Modern pumps, such as those from Bathmate and Penomet, which use water to create the vacuum, are much more comfortable to use, especially when hot water is used; these new pumps are good for both penile hydrotherapy and penis enlargement and have proved effective and safe on both points as long as users, especially beginners, have followed the instructions.

Buying the right penis pump

Hydro pumps are probably the best choice for penis enlargement, not only are they known, their benefits have also been proven by many men.

There are currently only two well-known hydro pumps on the market, Bathmate and Penomet, both offering quality and efficiency, and both have extensive reviews on the Internet where you can read and choose one of them.

Hydromax Xtreme X30 and X40 are designed for men who have enough money and clear goals, and Xtreme series products are designed to increase penis length permanently.

You may also be interested in the following article: Bathmate – Which model is the right one?

The good news is that Bathmate has recently released the new Hydromax X20, targeted more at men with smaller penises, and despite its smaller size, it is an equally powerful pump.

Choosing the right penis pump

Of course, you choose a Bathmate or Penomet pump because both are much more comfortable than conventional air-vacuum pumps, unfortunately there are no alternatives to hydro pumps outside these two manufacturers.

If your available budget prevents you from buying a pump for penis enlargement or penile health, get the cheapest package from Bathmate or Penomet.

If you are also a beginner in the use of penis pumps, don’t be confused by the many different offers that Bathmate has to offer, start by measuring your current size and then choosing the model that leaves you plenty of room for growth.

You can always buy a larger pump when you have used your first one to full capacity; check the Bathmate size chart to see which one will suit your needs; Penomet, on the other hand, is only one size but has many options for the bellows.

Water-based pressure pumps or hydro-penis pumps

Penis pumps have been around for quite a while, but brands such as Bathmate and Penomet have managed in recent years to make them more familiar with the principle of water-based pressure pumps.

Hydro pumps work like traditional air-vacuum pumps, with the difference that they do not use air; given that hydro pumps are based on water, they are often used in the shower; if you want to incorporate this type of penis pump into your daily routine and use them regularly in the shower, you will notice visible results after 30 days.

For detailed information and customer reviews, visit the websites of the respective companies or search the Internet for an overview that compares Hydro pumps.

The Bathmate Original and Hydromax Series

Bathmate produced the first original hydro pump and since that first pump, called Hercules…, they have constantly developed new series, each new design is more powerful and larger than the previous one to achieve longer penis lengths more efficiently and still offer room for further improvements, and Bathmate has also been recommended by urologists to assist in penile health.

The Penomet design of interchangeable bellows

As previously mentioned, Penomet’s products are newer and the only hydro-pump competitor to Bathmate, and to date only these two manufacturers offer hydro-pumps; unique for Penomet pumps is the interchangeable bellows system, which some penis enlargement enthusiasts refer to as an”open box”, as one pump takes over the function of several.


Water-based penis pumps are not a brand-new invention, but they are a clear development of the more widely used vacuum penis pumps, they have more power, are more comfortable to use, safer and above all very flexible, and are available in many different sizes, colours and suction strengths so that really every man can find the right model for himself.

Don’t settle for inferior plastic garbage that can cause injury, choose a high-quality hydro-penis pump that helps you get the most out of yourself and make a real impression with your best piece!

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