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The SM and BDSM scene has long since made its way into today’s sexual world and chastity belts have become an interesting sex toy for both men and women. Chastity belts are especially popular for role-playing games and submission to one’s partner, but not all products are of the same quality.

You should find out exactly which belt to buy so that the love play is fun while wearing the toy!

Male chastity belt is a product that is comfortable to wear and carefully closedBelts convinces by high-quality materials Chic, discreet design and a careful workmanship

Top 4 Male Chastity Belts

1. Netted

  • Excellent belt
  • Material: stainless steel

  • Colours: silver or pink
  • Easy cleaning

2. Spiked Leather Confinement

  • Pleasant wearing comfort
  • Invisible under clothing
  • Material: leather
  • Short delivery time

3. Strict Leather Locking

  • Pleasant feeling when worn
  • Various sizes
  • 3 locks
  • Vaginal and anal closure

4. Chastity Harness

  • 3 different sizes available
  • Smooth, comfortable to wear
  • 3,8cm/4,4cm/5,0cm
  • Castle included

Review Our Best Products

Adult Supplies Stainless Steel Chastity Belt Virginity with Female Y – Type

This chastity belt for ladies is made of stainless steel and is available in two colours, pink and black. The price for this visually appealing product, which is particularly easy to clean, is just over 145€.

Here you can find more about the Adult Supplies Belt.


This model by ZADO is intended for the men of creation. The chastity string is made of black leather and metal and can be ordered in two sizes, S/M and L/XL. The product has three padlocks, one at the front, one at the back and one at the side. The chastity string for men is available from 90€.

Here you can find more about the ZADO String.

Spiked Leather Confinement

The Strict Leather chastity cage is fastened with straps that run around the waist and thighs and looks great. It is available in the sizes S/M and M/L from almost 240€.

The material is a very robust, dark brown-black leather that offers both stability and comfortable wearing.

The matching locks, which must be ordered separately, are made of stainless steel.

Here you can find more about the Women Bondage Cage.

Strict Leather Locking

The Peniskäfig of the company Utimi is with a purchase price of scarcely 25€ quite favorable in the acquisition. Cockrings in three different sizes, with diameters of 3.8, 4.4 and 5.0 cm, are contained in the scope of supply, so that for nearly each man the suitable ring is thereby.

The simple, modern Design can be ordered in shining silver or in black and be cleaned, so the manufacturer, easily. The smooth, even surface ensures that the chastity belt can be carried pleasantly, without damaging or irritating the skin.

Here is more about the Utimi penis cage for men.

Chastity Harness

This belt can be transformed into a chastity belt with an extra lock.

The highlight of this product for anal and vaginal stimulation, which stimulates the wearer with every step. The Xocity product is made of leather and can be worn by men and women alike.

Here is more about the Xocity belt.

How does the chastity belt for a man work?

The male chastity belt is constructed like a penis-shaped cage, which is why it is also called a penis cage.

The penis is placed in the cage construction, which is then closed. For better support and more wearing comfort, such a penis cage is usually additionally attached to the body with a belt construction.

How does the chastity belt for a men work?

Chastity belts for women are fastened with a belt that is placed around the hips.

They usually have the shape of a slip that covers the entire intimate area and is fitted with one to five locks.

In addition to the standard models, chastity belts are also available with one or two integrated dildos for vaginal and/or anal stimulation.

How to put on and wear a chastity belt correctly?

Putting on a chastity belt is quite a simple matter. You climb in, adjust it so that it lies comfortably and lock the locks.

For hygienic reasons, even if most models do not necessarily require this in terms of wearing comfort, a slip should always be worn under the belt. It is also important that the chastity belt does not fit too tightly and does not cut into the skin at any point.

Who has pleasure in this sex toy?

Chastity belts for men and women are often used in erotic role plays. Wearing a chastity belt symbolizes sexual submission, as the counterpart literally holds the key to the opponent’s lust in his hand.

Many couples build the chastity belt into the foreplay, where it serves to increase the lust into the immeasurable. There are no limits to the imagination, so that such a belt can be used in many different ways and enrich the love play in different ways.

Which experiences can be found from users?

If you look at the testimonies of people who have tried chastity belts, it quickly becomes clear that this is a topic where the spirits divide.

While there are women, as well as men, who express themselves very contentedly and almost get enthusiastic, negative reports of their experiences also appear again and again. Such bad experiences often come about because a cheap, badly processed product was chosen. Cheap belts usually do not fit ideally, cause bruises and pressure points and can also lead to unpleasant skin irritations.

So it’s worth investing a little more money here and getting a product that is comfortable to wear and carefully closed. Of course, a chastity belt does not suit everyone’s taste, but under the right conditions it can contribute to tingly moments and erotic adventures of a different kind.

Where can you buy a chastity belt?

Chastity belts for men and women can now be found in every well-stocked erotic specialist shop. Buying them in a local sex shop has the advantage of personal advice, but the larger selection can definitely be found at the online retail giant Amazon.

Here you can easily compare different products and customer reviews provide clues about the quality of each product. Of course, erotic shops on the Internet, such as Eis.de, chastity belts, although the selection here is currently still limited. For practical reasons, we recommend buying via Amazon.

Which material is processed?

Nowadays most chastity belts are mainly made of stainless steel and/or leather, often with softer materials padded in the areas that are in contact with the sensitive areas.

Some models are also decorated with cords, lace or rivets, which are purely decorative.

When it comes to materials, it is important to make sure that the product is easy and thorough to clean. If you are willing to spend a little more money, you will find online suppliers who make custom-made chastity belts by hand, taking into account the customer’s wishes regarding appearance and materials.

Frequently asked questions

Risk of injury?

The chastity belt for ladies does not pose a direct risk of injury. However, the hygienic risk should not be underestimated, so that the belt should be carefully cleaned after each use. In addition, as already mentioned, it is advisable to wear a briefs underneath.

Men can sometimes experience severe pain if a too small size is chosen, so it is particularly important to ensure a perfect fit and, if in doubt, to use the next larger size.

Where does the chastity belt come from?

The opinion is often expressed that the chastity belt originates from the seafaring sector. Cruisers are said to have equipped their wives with such a belt before they set sail in order to prevent them from fornicating during their absence.

This story is no more than a fairy tale, as is assumed today, but more credible is the idea that the chastity belt was used as a means of punishment in the Middle Ages, and that it enabled civil servants to control the business of prostitutes and restrict it in the sense of tax collection. When and for what purpose the first chastity belt was made and worn, however, is insufficiently clear.

What is a reasonable wearing period?

Chastity belts, whether for the woman or for the man, are explicitly not intended to be worn on the body for long periods of time.

For a short time, i.e. for a few minutes up to a few hours, such a belt can be worn without hesitation. Anything beyond this can cause potential physical damage and the influence on the psyche should not be underestimated.

The appropriate wearing time logically varies from person to person and from product to product, so that it is not possible to give exact details at this point.

What legal concerns may arise?

As far as the legal situation is concerned, there are very clear guidelines in Germany: Everything that happens voluntarily is in order, while actions that are carried out against the will of the other person can be reported and are punishable. The same applies to the use of chastity belts.

Therefore, it is of course forbidden to force anyone to wear a chastity belt or to include them in it in opposition. However, if all parties agree that the toy should be used, its use is legally absolutely harmless. However, we expressly point out that we (cannot) give any legal advice. Couples should contact a lawyer or other suitable person if in doubt!

Conclusion: Which one is our favorite?

If you are thinking about buying a chastity belt, you should definitely look at different models and draw comparisons to find the product best suited to your individual needs. Nevertheless, we have found clear favourites that we can recommend with a clear conscience.

The best chastity belt for ladies in our eyes is the “Adult Supplies stainless steel chastity belt virginity with female Y – type”. The product convinces by high-quality materials, a chic, discreet design and a careful workmanship. The locking mechanism is simple and effective at the same time, so that the price-performance ratio is simply right here.

For the chastity belts for men we have decided for the “Men’s Leather Chastity String” from ZADO. With a price of 90€ the belt is in the lower midfield – but it still scores in terms of quality over its full length. The processed leather lies pleasantly on the skin, size and fit can be adjusted conditionally and the exciting look represents an additional plus.

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