Kissing better: The guide to the professional kiss

A passionate kiss is at least as hot as a spontaneous quickie, if not hotter – at least that's what most women would say if you asked them. But why is kissing women actually so important and why do people kiss at all? The most important questions about the topic, surprising facts and kissing tips you probably haven't heard yet.

How important is kissing?

Many couples can remember their first kiss better than their first time having sex. This could be due to the fact that kissing literally makes "high". Because it releases a heady mix of the hormones serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline. This explains why sometimes you just can't keep your lips off each other. By the way, women usually care even more about kisses than men do. Because it involves all the senses, it has a very intimate effect.

Can a bad kiss prevent a relationship?

Women subconsciously find out if a partner is a good match for them by kissing – and that's in terms of genetic factors, according to the results of a British study by the University of Oxford. According to the survey, women are mostly attracted to a foreign genetic code for immunity. It is a clue to whether the kisser is a potential candidate for a relationship with healthy children. In a survey conducted by the University at Albany in New York, 66% of women said they ended a budding relationship after a bad first kiss.

How important is smooching in the relationship?

Kissing is crucial not only in finding a partner. Even in long relationships, lip service is the best way to express affection and strengthen the bond. 90 % of all women find intimate kisses very important, even during the course of a partnership.

A study of the British Heart Foundation shows, however, that 18% of all married couples often do not kiss for a whole week. This is fatal, because studies also proved: The frequency with which couples kiss is directly related to their satisfaction in the partnership. By the way, this does not apply to the frequency of sex. So kissing seems to be clearly more important for the relationship than sexual intercourse. It's like sex on a small scale with a happiness guarantee.

6 surprising facts about making out

We now know how important kissing is in the search for a partner and for relationship happiness. But that is not all that kissing can do.

Kissing reduces stress
After a stressful day at work, don't fire up the boob tube, but first kiss passionately. Because kissing is healthy. Researcher of University of Oxford proved the stress-reducing effect of smooching. For the Study asked over 50 couples to kiss more than usual for 6 weeks. The result of the blood tests: Participants were significantly less stressed than before the test. Kissing reduces the stress hormone cortisol in the blood and promotes optimism.

Kisses in public are not just proof of love
Making out in public isn't just a sign your partner wants to prove how serious she is. A Research, published in Journal of Sex Research Found that the motivation behind a kiss in public is often different. 50% of all women surveyed said you want to make your ex-boyfriend or other women jealous. But men are no better: we want to prove our checker qualities in front of other guys by kissing them in public.

Why you tilt your head to the right when kissing
Study, in the professional magazine Scientific Reports was published, proved: 74% of all people tilt their head to the right side when kissing. Reason: The hand we write with determines which way we tilt our head. But even if you're left-handed, chances are high that you'll tilt to the right because you mirror the other person's head tilt.

That's why you close your eyes when kissing
Because it is more romantic? Wrong! The answer is simple: The brain is not able to couple the sensory impressions during a kiss with optical information. This was the result of a Study, in the magazine Journal of Experimental Psychology appeared. Those who keep their eyes open during a kiss cannot concentrate on taste, smell and feeling.

The most common reasons for unsuccessful kisses

Okay, if a bad kiss can prevent an affair or relationship, it's important to address what makes a lousy kiss. The most common criteria for the lousy mouth act:

Your teeth can prevent the kiss
Your teeth can make sure that a kiss does not happen at all. According to one Study, published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology published, healthy-looking teeth are more important to most women than the appearance of their lips, face and body. So the first kiss stands or falls with well-groomed teeth.

Your aftershave can spoil the kiss
If you plan to kiss your beloved, apply aftershave sparingly beforehand. Because the scent competes with your body odor and therefore confuses women subconsciously. The secret tip: Drink a drink with anise or chew licorice before the date. The scent is said to stimulate blood flow in the vagina. Whether it really works? You have to try it yourself!

The last meal leaves a bad impression
Clearly: the kebab, the fish roll or the garlic noodles are not the best choice before an upcoming kiss. Unless you have eaten the meal together.

Your tongue can send a woman running for the hills
The drill, the propeller, the washcloth – any of these tongue performances don't go over well with women. It is advisable to approach it carefully at first. But that doesn't mean you should only use the tip of your tongue. Read below for the best way to go about it.

How do I notice that a woman wants to be kissed?

There are few things more unpleasant than a woman who turns away when you want to kiss her. You can tell if the lady is ready for lip contact by the following signs.

She is looking for closeness: "When there's not an inch between you, it's obvious," says sex researcher Dr. Ingelore Ebberfeld. This is still too risky for you? Then look deep into the eyes of the lady of your heart. If she does not smile, look down or turn her head away now, the time is not yet ripe.

She is looking for support: She seems nervous and plays with her clothes? She strokes herself over the arm, the thighs or runs through her hair? These are so-called autoerotic touches and signs that she is not averse to a physical approach. If her lips redden, enlarge and open slightly, this is a sure sign.

She seeks eye contact: Intense and long eye contact is definitely a sign of interest. "If her pupils dilate when she does so, it reveals that she is excited," Ebberfeld says. Even better: the lady looks conspicuously often at your lips. Only she does not want to look at them then surely.

Training kissing: How do I approach the first kiss?

If you have recognized all the signs, you may try your luck. Start with deep eye contact. Approach her and enjoy the expectant tingling before your lips touch. If she longs for your lips, she may make the first move now. Otherwise, the rule is: do not go all out right away. First, carefully touch your lips to those of your beloved. Never give her the feeling that you want to determine the situation. By the way: if she withdraws from you, even though all the signals were pointing to "kiss me", this does not necessarily mean that you have no chance – perhaps the right time has not yet come.

Where do women want to be kissed?

Apart from the lips, almost all women find it erotic to be kissed on the neck and nape of the neck. Sensitive kisses on the chest, décolleté, inner thighs and arms and other erogenous zones open up the direct path to your most intimate hot spots. Kisses on her forehead, eyes and cheeks cause her less erotic feelings. But they create trust and prove your affection. A kiss on the hand, which used to be a sign of submission, is now rather antiquated and funny. Kissing her fingertips or wrist, on the other hand, gives many women a pleasurable shiver.

Learn to kiss better: the best tips for a hammer kiss

They can already kiss? The question is: how good? Since, as we all know, there is always room for improvement, here are the best tips for professional making out. The beloved will hang on your lips!

The right place: Forget the quiet park bench or the romantic restaurant! The best kisses take place in noisy bars or at well-attended concerts. The noise and energy promote the adrenaline rush that pushes sexual arousal. At a concert you can also approach her in the best way. Because it is loud, you almost have to touch her ear with your lips to talk to her – this is known to be an erogenous zone. And it's not far to her lips.

What the lips are allowed to do: You have dry lips? Then it helps if you put Vaseline on them and wipe them before the meeting. This makes the lips soft and does not leave an unpleasant film. When kissing, do not pucker your lips too much. Because it reminds her of kisses from grandma. Also, do not press your lips together. Just stay relaxed! 

The right tongue technique: Use your tongue carefully. Because with it you can make the most mistakes. At first, just brush your lips over hers until she parts them and offers you her tongue. Always adjust the speed of the kiss to suit the lady. By the way, beware of too much saliva – women like wet kisses less than men. 

What the hands do: Just let it hang? Please do not! This does not mean that you should immediately fondle the buttocks and hips. It is ideal if you touch the woman's head with your hands. This is what most ladies find romantic. Run your fingertips along her neck to her hairline and into her hair. This increases blood flow to the scalp and causes a slight tingling sensation. By touching her during the kiss, her body releases the bonding hormone oxytocin. This increases affection, trust and can also improve orgasm. 

After the kiss: With the kissing pro, the lip service isn't over when your lips separate from each other. Hold her head in your hands for one more second and look into her eyes. Exhale or shake your head slightly to show her how much the kiss has taken your senses away. After that, you should let go, slightly distance and take a break. Because it seems like a cliffhanger. Meaning: she'll soon be craving the next sensual kiss.

Conclusion: Do not underestimate the kiss!

For many women, making out is more important than sex and an indicator of whether you're a good match as a couple. Even in a long relationship you should not give up passionate kissing (with tongue). It strengthens the bond with her and is the best medicine for a happy relationship.

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