Orgasm guarantee: How every woman climaxes

No matter how many women you’ve slept with, you know that bringing a woman to orgasm isn’t one of the easiest things in the world. A new study could now change that.

Why do women have such a hard time reaching orgasm?

Only about one third of all women reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone. One thing has long been clear to most men: a woman must be able to relax during sex and want to trust her partner. But it’s not just external circumstances that decide whether you come or not.

Technology also plays a role. A wide-ranging study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior was published, surveyed over 52.000 test persons about their sex life. The result: 96% of all heterosexual men stated that they always have an orgasm during sex, but only 66% of all heterosexual women.

What this disproportion could be due to is made clear by further figures: 88 % of all lesbian women stated that they reach climax every time during sex. Does this mean that men do not bring women as much fun in bed as their sex counterparts? Possibly. However, this is not due to gender, but to “technique”. Women spoil each other differently than man and woman.

The good news: the researchers also determined how men can manage to bring their sweetheart’s orgasm rate from 66% to the full 100%. Namely, with the ominous “golden trio”.

The golden trio: This is how the sex technique with orgasm guarantee goes

What do lesbian women do differently? What does a woman need during sex, not only to scramble on the mountain of lust, but also to arrive at the summit with the mega view? The study results are clear.

According to the researchers, women who almost always climax during sex enjoy the following 3 things:

1. Passionate kisses

2. Manual vaginal stimulation

3. Oral sex

But that doesn’t mean intercourse doesn’t play a role. “However, women tend to be more likely to orgasm during intercourse if it includes intense kissing, manual vaginal stimulation, and/or oral sex,” researchers say. Many men still think vaginal intercourse is the only true way to make a woman climax.

This means you should never forego foreplay, nor should you view it as mere foreplay. The more you engage with a woman, the more satisfied she is. G-spot was yesterday: Women want to be pampered at the CUV.

The golden orgasm makes women happier

By the way, the study also showed: 92% of all women who almost always have an orgasm during sex are generally more satisfied with their relationship. However, it is not clear whether this is actually due to sex or to relationship happiness. But – and here’s where it gets interesting – women who experience orgasm during sex more often than other women report the following circumstances:

  • they are more likely to say what they want in bed
  • They praise their partner for his or her qualities as a lover
  • they engage in sexting with their partner by mail or phone
  • they wear sexy lingerie more often
  • they are more willing to try new positions
  • they are not averse to anal sex
  • they live out their fantasies

This means in reverse: if you regularly please your lover with the golden trio, she will orgasm more often and as a result your sex will be better. Because the satisfaction increases their sexual openness and desire for sex.

Not every woman reaches orgasm in the same way

Of course, the golden trio is not the ultimate orgasm formula that applies to all women. Every woman comes differently and reacts to different stimuli. This is also the reason why your best techniques work for one woman and leave the other totally cold. That’s why you go on a research trip again with every woman.

What is certain, however, is that the more you pamper a woman in her hotspots, cater to her desires and needs, and put her own pleasure (at least temporarily) in second place, the more likely she is to orgasm – and the more likely she is to think you are a good lover.

And: Women who find sex with their partner satisfying want more of it and take the initiative more often than women who rarely reach orgasm during intercourse with their partner.

Bottom line: the golden trio satisfies both of you

By kissing your partner intensely during sex, pampering her vagina and giving her oral sex, you are not only doing something for your beloved, but also a lot for yourself. Because your partner is much more likely to orgasm, she will develop a more positive attitude towards sex. She becomes more open-minded, desires more sex with you and is more satisfied in the relationship.

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