Sex in the heat: 8 hot ideas

Summer not only makes the temperatures, but also the desire sometimes quite boil up: skimpy clothes for men and women and people are generally more up for flirting. Fact is: In summer, the desire for sex is particularly high, if there were not a problem – even without movement, you start to sweat.

The idea of snuggling close to a hot body sounds tempting, but in reality, unfortunately, it also brings a sweat to your brow. We show you how to enjoy summer sex in a relaxed way and keep a cool head at the same time.

Why do we have more desire for sex in summer?

When it gets hot outside, the desire for sex also increases. The more intense sunlight ensures that the hormone serotonin is increasingly released. This in turn "makes us more alert and vital overall," explains Peter Walschburger of Freie Universität Berlin.

"Birds chirping and trees in bloom" have a psychological effect on people, explains the biopsychologist, "we associate them with something beautiful."The so-called spring fever, which is at its peak in summer, also has health effects: "Vitamin metabolism is boosted, which in turn increases bone strength," says Walschburger.

Another nice effect: the happiness hormones make us want to have sex more. But the spring feelings are not the only reason for the greater desire for lovemaking in summer. There's also a physical cause: the heat increases blood flow in the body – including the sexual organs. The penis and vagina are therefore more sensitive and more quickly aroused.

What positions are best for sex in the summer?

One thing in advance: During sex you sweat in every position. But there are positions that are simply more pleasant in the heat than others. "Perfect are doggy, spoon and riding position, because here the temperature and consequently the heart rate remain low," advises Dr. Axel-Jürg Potempa, andrologist and sexual physician from Munich, Germany.

Also good: riding position backwards or sideways. Or she backwards on the edge of the bed and you kneeling in front of it. Avoid wild gymnastics and instead prefer to make love in slow movements.

Rather unsuitable on hot days are sex positions in which you hold each other close. The body contact and the strong friction create even more heat.

Sex in standing position is also unfavorable, it puts too much strain on the cardiovascular system – unless you're standing under a cool shower. These are the hottest sex positions from the Kama Sutra.

The 8 best tips for sex in the heat

You would like to make love under the shower or in the ice tub in the hot summer temperatures? In principle, not a bad idea, but too large temperature differences can also kill the fun of sex.

We tested 8 alternative variants for making love on hot days – 8 hot ideas for sex in the heat.

1. Perfect timing: choose the right time for hot summer sex

It's similar to sports: In summer, morning is the perfect time of day – not only because the air is much fresher, but also because your testosterone level is very high early in the morning and you consequently feel more like having sex than after a hard day at work.

By the way, this effect can also occur in women. And honestly, is there a better start to the day?

2. Cool sheets: cold bedding for hot love

You've probably long since banished the thick wool blanket from your bed. "Satin cools the skin, but it's a synthetic fiber and therefore doesn't transfer sweat well," Potempa explains.

Linen bedding is much better for gymnastics: it also has a cooling effect, but prevents a lake of sweat from gradually spreading underneath you.

3. Cool bedding: make love on the kitchen floor for a change

Yes, the bed is comfortable. But in extreme temperatures, sooner or later it's advisable to move to a cooler place. "Whether on the cool kitchen tile floor, in the shower under running lukewarm water or in the basement: Everywhere, where heat does not or can hardly reach, you can let off steam," says the author ("Was Sie besser nicht über Sex wissen sollen", Riva, at 15 euros).These foreplay techniques make really hot.

The bathroom is the perfect place, there are plenty of opportunities to cool off. You prefer shower or tub? Set the water only lukewarm – that refreshes better than ice cold, because the body would produce even more heat after the shock.

4. Culinary cooling: spicy food cools down the body

Have you ever wondered why spicy food is so common in hot countries? Spicy foods that contain, for example, chili, cool the body. The capsaicin contained in the pepper promotes cooling sweat.

By the way: Because chili stimulates the blood circulation, it additionally increases the excitability in the genitals. 

5. Outdoor sex: Get out of the house!

No desire to be grilled in the hot pad? Then go outdoors. How about this, for example: You and your partner get each other a little hot at home and then go on a little bike ride. The good thing about it: "On the bike, you're much more likely to discover lonely, secluded spots where you can make yourself comfortable at any time," says Berlin-based author Mia Ming ("Side jumps", Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, around 10 euros).

In the forest or at the lake, but in any case in the shade. It's best to take a large bath sheet with you as a base. The car, on the other hand, should be saved as a location for winter sex, as the heat accumulates extremely there. Outdoor sex: the best locations for love outdoors.

6. Take a breather: incorporate short breaks during summer sex

If the sweat runs not only from the forehead, but over the whole body, you take a break. Fill it with gentle caresses – they are much more pleasant in the heat than constant touching and kneading. Or blow gently over your sweaty body – this cools and excites you. Also good: drip water onto your partner's skin with a straw.

7. Wet pleasure: Get in the water!

You don't have to worry about a sweat bath when you make love in the cool shower. There are said to be people who also succeed in having sex on an air mattress or in the surf. As a rule, however, it is a bit uncomfortable.

In addition, you should never make love in the blazing sun – it's too stressful for the circulatory system. Rather look for a shady place or disappear briefly under the lukewarm shower. It is raining? Perfect: Love in the summer rain is magical!

8. Brrrrr… Use the ice-cold kick!

Almost anything cold can refresh you during sex – and be very pleasurable. Experiment with fruits from the fridge, ice cubes and cold drinks, which you can slide over each other's skin. But do not be too hasty: With ice-cold parts, the penis should be left out, because otherwise it can quickly lead to erectile dysfunction. 

Cool kisses can also be refreshing: Simply put an ice cube in your mouth and let the cube move from mouth to mouth while kissing. Not only does it cool you down, but it also trains your tongue and turns you on. Kiss better: These kisses drive you crazy.

But this icy refreshment is actually more suitable for foreplay: "In the long run, ice cubes distract too much from the actual action," says expert Mia Ming. After foreplay, a sip of cool water, which you have previously deposited next to the bed, will refresh you.

Conclusion: Slow sex is the order of the day in summer

Although the desire is greater in the summer, you should still take it easy. Consciously choose positions in which you can make love without much effort. Take breaks in between and treat yourself to cooling refreshments every now and then. If the heat still goes to your head, it's best to make love directly under the cool shower or secretly at the swimming lake.

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