Sex in the water: This is how it gets really good

Good sex is like an ocean: you can get lost in it. So what could be more natural than to move one's love games into the water? You should definitely try these variations in the water.

What are the benefits of sex in water?

During physical exertion, you have to expend more energy than in dry conditions because of the higher density. Good side effect: You burn more fat (if you still need a convincing argument for sports). In addition, tendons, ligaments and bones are relieved by the buoyant force of the water.

According to Archimedes' law, a body becomes lighter in water by as much as the liquid it displaces weighs. So if you've always wanted to try out the Kama Sutra with all its acrobatics, you'll never do it that easily again. 8 effective sex tips you should really try out.

What are the dangers of sex in water?

There is no scientific study so far that says from how many degrees an erection in water is possible. However, the general rule for men is: the warmer the better. But be careful, germs can be transmitted particularly easily in water. Many pathogens feel most comfortable at 40 degrees Celsius.

Chlorine and salt water increase the risk of inflammation. Both can also lead to allergic skin reactions. And salt water has a magnifying glass effect on the skin, so sunburn is programmed in the open air.

What bacteria are present during sex in water?

Water can wash away the lactic acid bacteria that are found on the genitals and prevent infectious diseases there. And suddenly your best piece would stand there unprotected. Typical forms of the disease are genital fungi, which then lead to itching and reddening of the skin. In this case, too, a rubber can save you from worse.

How to use contraception when having sex in water?

Condoms are not so safe in water. Because they can slip off more easily. A condom should be put on in dry conditions to ensure that it fits properly. Bath additives also attack the latex material of the condom. So: Better leave out! Chlorine can also affect latex. Hormonal contraceptives like the pill are safer here. Here's how to put on a condom properly.

How does sex in the bathtub work?

Of course, the home ceramic desert can't compete with a faraway dream beach. But it is the ideal environment to discover the wet element for lovemaking. So, turn on the tap, preferably together with your partner – then you can agree on a temperature. While the water is running in the bathtub, stand behind your loved one. Kiss the neck tenderly, check the water temperature with your hand and let a few drops trickle down your partner's naked body. Afterwards, when you gently blow on these spots, your partner will feel as tingly as a melting ice cube on velvety skin. For women, this can be very arousing, especially on the breasts. The 50 hottest sex positions of the Kamasutra.

What should I pay attention to?

In no case should the bath water be too cold. Then it could happen that your best friend does not move much anymore. Probably not for your partner either. The ideal temperature is between 30 and 32 degrees. And don't let in too much water – after all, you should still fit into the bathtub together with your companion. When your bodies quiver with excitement, you certainly don't want the water to splash over the edge of the tub and flood the bathroom. By the way, it's better not to use a stimulating bath additive – your condom might resent it.

It can be hot in the tub even without a beguiling bath additive: pamper your partner with a massage. The best way to do this is to sit behind her/him with your legs apart. Start with the shoulders. Then slowly advance to deeper regions, until you eventually reach the thighs. Stroke from the knee upwards, but stop short of the goal – until your lifeguard can't take it anymore and wants more. 10 places for hot outdoor sex.

What positions are suitable for the bathtub?

You have to cope with the very limited space. In the bathtub, the spoon position is recommended – firstly, one of you is not constantly pushed against the hard tub and secondly, no one has to be afraid of drowning. If one of you is lying on the bottom, the water will quickly reach your neck. The doggy position is also suitable for the bathtub.

Or try this variation: you lean back and spread your thighs as wide as possible. Your partner sits between your open legs and puts her lower legs on your chest. You penetrate deeply. When your sweetheart rides on your thighs, it will be perhaps the hottest day of the summer for you.

How does sex work in the outdoor pool?

Actually, the swimming pool is the perfect place for good, varied sex. It almost seems like you have unlimited possibilities to vary your lovemaking there: in the pool, in the non-swimmer pool, in the shower, in the locker room. Or just imagine what you could do on the water slide – if it weren't for the hundreds of other visitors. So all just nice fantasies? Unfortunately.

What should I keep in mind in the outdoor pool?

If you are among many people, the first commandment is: stay inconspicuous. So stay away from areas where lots of bathers are having their way – diving tower, water slide, etc. Of course, it should only be so deep that you can still stand, otherwise the whole thing does not work. It would be perfect if the water is a bit choppy in the place of choice, for example near a massage nozzle. The more movement in the water, the less visible it is for bystanders what is happening underwater.

Found a spot? Good. But don't make the mistake of tearing off your swimsuits, then everyone will know right away. From this moment on you are in a secret missionary position. Kissing is allowed, but it should not get too hot. This way sex is still fun even when it's over 30 degrees.

Which positions are suitable?

Concentrate on what is happening under the water surface. Gently push your partner's panties to the side – only as far as it is necessary for your plan. You'll have to pull your swim shorts down a bit, but make sure your pale rear end doesn't glow too much underwater. Then everything should happen very quickly.

Done? Then don't move too fast – if you make big waves, you'll make yourself suspicious. It works best if, for example, your partner leans against the pelvic wall. You can then snuggle up to them. The less space there is between the two of you, the less there is to see and the more fun it will be. Since you have chosen a place in the pool that is not so heavily frequented by others, nothing should stand in the way of your water games.

How does sex work in the surf of the sea?

The first thing to do is to protect yourself from the sun, for example with this Cream from Eucerin. Because just the places that you usually do not present so freely, have little self-protection. In addition, salt water on the skin acts like a burning glass. You should apply a waterproof suntan lotion beforehand. (Be careful, it does not mix with condoms!)

Another problem can't be wiped away so easily: the sand. There is sand everywhere. Why this is a problem? Well, sand quickly disappears into all possible (and impossible) body orifices.

How to have sex in the sea?

Ambush your partner while she/he is unsuspectingly lounging on the towel and lie on top of her/him with your wet body. The first reaction will be: "Ahhh, you're cold!!". But if you cool the heated body with your tongue, the short fright will pass quickly. Then it's off into the surf.

Go so deep into the sea that the waves wash around your body up to the neck – no beach visitor needs to see you undressing. Important: pull down pants and shorts only to the back of the knees. If you get rid of your swimwear completely, there is a risk that the clothes will float out to sea.

What positions are suitable for sex by the sea?

Take advantage of the next approaching wave to get close to each other, but don't stay in the missionary position. The best positions for sandy ground are the rider and doggy positions. At least there is the least danger of something else penetrating besides you. If the water is calm, you can swim a little further out. But do not lose the ground under your feet! The advantage of standing sex is that sand can hardly get in the way. And because of the buoyancy, sex in the water is also not as strenuous as on land, with solid ground under your feet.

A wet cooling is not only in summer just right – even more so when it's hot in the wet element. With our tips for sex in the sea, pool or tub, you'll be ready for extra hot H2O sex. Tip: Use a waterproof sunscreen when making love in the sunshine. Or limit yourselves to a quickie.

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