Sex Swing: Bondage, BDSM Harness for Doggy Style

They all float down here, and you’ll float too!а

Swings are not only for the kids, right? A swing with a sling and straps will open up new horizons in sex and deliver you new impressions.

Yes, there are swings designed for sex. They are destined to boost your sexuality, spice up your intimacy, and offer you a wide range of sex positions. A sex swing will make you learn to orgasm if you haven’t been able to experience it before.

The process of installation may be daunting, and you’ll have to do it with a little help from your partnerTo have more mobility, choose a room with a sturdy ceiling Take your time to study the instruction

TOP 5 Best Sex Swings

Besides, the best sex swing is a lot of fun. It’s a perfect chance to experience new positions and get your partner involved.

Here’s a list of the essential things to know about a sex swing:

  • You should be in line with the weight limits. The manufacturer won’t refund you in case if the swing breaks because of your careless attitude.
  • The installation process should be very thoughtful, or instead of the pleasant sex experience, you might get injured.

1. Purple Reins Sex Sling

General Description

Boost your sexual pleasure and enlarge the range of possible positions with one of the best products designed to fit anyone open for the experiments.

You won’t stand the temptation to use it when horny. It will be a flawless present for someone you love.

It’s super comfy according to the opinion of most users. The swing is connected to the rafter, which is very convenient and safe. Thanks to the padding in the appropriate areas, the swing is very comfortable. Each sling is adjustable, so you’ll always be able to find the right position and height. Are you fond of kinky sex? You are here to get a perfect tool for it.

Basic Characteristics

  • Has four fully adjustable durable slings;
  • Has a convenient support frame;
  • Fixed with only one clasp;
  • Designed for the apartments with high ceilings;
  • Holds up to 140kg;
  • One of the most adjustable sex swing options;
  • Does not contain latex;
  • Has comfortable nylon padding.

Pros & Cons

Purple Reins Sex Sling PROS

Purple Reins Sex Sling CONS

·         The padding is very comfy thanks to the nylon covering. You won’t be disturbed by unpredictable shifts, tension, and stiffness.

·         Comes with four tight straps that might be helpful if you are planning to try different angles while enjoying your intimacy.

·         If you’re willing to hide your swing from the eyes of your guests or kids, take it away from the hook with one simple movement. Only one karabiner clasp holds the construction.

·         It’s pricey, but the reviews say it’s one of the best sex swing options for most of the users.

Customers’ Opinion

The summarized reviews of the customers say the following:

  • It’s very sturdy and long-lasting. Besides, the surface and the padding, in general, are delightful to the touch.
  • The installation is super-easy, and the instructions are simple and clear.
  • The adjustability is amazing.

  • The clasp itself is not very big and looks a bit flimsy. However, as soon as you try it in action, you’ll understand it’s as firm as it is possible.
  • Quite a lot of users suggest purchasing a unique swing stand if you have no idea how to fix your sex toy.

2. Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing

General Description

One of the most affordable options to try if you’re a fan of Kama Sutra. The sex swing is made of high-grade reinforced materials.

The straps are robust and reliable in use and visually. The whole construction is very trustworthy, which is proved by many users.

Designed for wild intercourses and unconventional sex action. 

There are two straps for the body and a couple for your feet. The number of positions available with this swing is not limited by anything.

This product is probably one of the most sensible in matters of price and functionality. The pads are soft.

The plush surface is pleasant to the touch, warm, and very comfortable. That’s a classic model able to deliver tons of pleasure to anyone who is not ready to invest too much in a sex toy but still wants to enjoy the ride.

Basic Characteristics

  • The length is 20.5 inches;
  • There are four straps for the body and the legs;
  • Holds up to 135kg;
  • Has velvet padding;
  • All surfaces are padded;
  • Made of neoprene;
  • Designed for the high ceilings;
  • Has a firm support bar and is fixed with only one secure clasp.

Pros & Cons

Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing PROS

Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing CONS

·         The swing offers a wide range of positions. Every strap and every strap is made with care for your body – you won’t have rashes and skin inflammations after the use. You should only remember about proper maintenance.

·         The support bar is provided with the padding, and you can remove it whenever you might want if you need a more stable feel.

·         The price is affordable for most customers, while the quality of the construction is excellent.

·         The absence of the poses manual. The construction itself is sturdy and reliable, but very simple and minimized. It’s hard to invent the poses if you’re an inexperienced user.

·         Feels inconvenient for the tall users. There’s nothing in the construction designed to support your neck.

·         Some users say they’d prefer the slings for the arms. However, this is insignificant, and you can always purchase additional products to your new sex swing toy.

Customers’ Opinion

Judging by the reviews of mostly satisfied customers, this swing is worth the money:

  • The construction is trustworthy and stable.

  • The amount of the poses could be more significant, and it would be better if the swing came with the positions manual. Overall, the thing is definitely worth the price.
  • The number of straps could be more significant – it’s hard to get used to construction like this with a minimal set of fixation options.
  • Enjoy a nice blowjob and spin the sex swing for the penetration!

3. Whipsmart Body Swing

General Description

This type of support is cheap but has nothing in common with a regular swing attached to the ceiling, door, or a swing strap.

This tool should be attached to your body and fix your partner in such a position that you don’t need to use your hands.

That’s a way to enhance your regular sex life and add up to the list of sex poses that you already have.

This thing is one of the best options for discreet sex play. You won’t have to attach anything to the walls and doors causing interest of your guests and family members. The whole construction is made from soft, elastic, but firm slings that will stand any tension and any angle. The straps are ready to hold about 400 pounds (which is about 180kg). Just make sure you or your partner can carry this weight.

Basic Characteristics

  • That’s a regular self-support sex swing;
  • It cannot be fixed to a door, wall, ceiling, or anywhere else you might want;
  • The slings are adjustable;
  • The whole construction of the swing is perfect for the users fond of deep penetration;
  • Holds up to 180 kg;
  • Has a harness that will help one of the partners fix the sex swing around the body.

Pros & Cons

Whipsmart Body Swing PROS

Whipsmart Body Swing CONS

·         You don’t have to deal with the installation process – take it out from the safe place you keep, adjust it to fit your partner (or do it in the process when needed because it is easy), and fix it around your body depending on the position.

·         It’s a stand swing that will help you practice numerous stand poses without being afraid to hurt your partner while holding him/her in the hands. Both of you will be able to relax and enjoy different deep penetration options.

·         You don’t have to assemble this swing. Just take it out of the package and use it.

·         It’s discreet and portable — a perfect tool you can take with you while traveling. 

·         The sex swing has additional padding for extra comfort and safety for your skin.

·         Can hold about 400 pounds and adjusts to all body types and heights.

·         This sex swing is affordable, but it is not designed to be fixed in the doorway or on the ceiling. It’s firm and stable, and you can use it to tie your partner to a bed or a gymnastics bar in your room.  

·         You’ll have to devote some time to understand how it works and find out the most appropriate positions. This sex swing looks complicated from the first glance, but you’ll get addicted to it before you know.

Customers’ Opinion

The reviews of the customers all over the net are mostly positive. The most significant features of this sex swing are:

  • Convenience and discreetness. The swing is compact, and you don’t have to find any particular place to keep it because the easiest way to hide it is under the pillow or mattress.

  • No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to tear the straps. The only thing to avoid is to hang the swing in places where it can be damaged mechanically. The device was anatomically designed for human bodies, not for the hooks, doors, karabiner claps, and anything that might hurt the slings and the padding.
  • Affordable price. You’ll never find a cheaper sex swing with similar quality. It is made with the use of long-lasting materials and will provide you with profound and intense sexual pleasure for years until you decide to purchase another toy with more advanced functionality.

4. Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit

General Description

This sex swing is designed for the apartments with solid walls, ceilings, or doors. It will be a perfect match for a door made of natural wood.

That’s a convenient and cost-effective solution for discreet storage and simple regular use. The vertical installation will be perfect because this way you’ll get the additional support of the back and head, and your neck won’t get tired.

That’s a versatile sex swing that is fully adjustable to anyone’s height and body type. A product like this will intensify your impressions and add up to the range of sexual pleasures in your everyday life. Swings of this series have a cradle with an excellent surface that will be kindly on your buttocks.

The handgrips will help you fix yourself in a firm and stable position. There are also slings designed to attach your legs if you opt for suspended positions.

Never forget about the weight test before you proceed with the sex act. Take care of your partner and never let a sex pleasure tool hurt anyone within your household or elsewhere you’d like to use it.

Basic Characteristics

  • Designed to be fixed to a sturdy door;
  • Has nylon ins the base and covered with neoprene for comfortable use;
  • Does not need any fixtures and can be discreetly kept under your pillow;
  • Can hold up to 147kg and fully adjustable.

Pros & Cons

Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit PROS

Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit CONS

·         The amount of poses and sex options is incredible.

·         Perfect for the safe, supportive sex – comfortable for your head and neck, save for your limbs, and secure if you use it according to the recommendations in the instruction.

·         Holds up to 325lbs and can be adjusted following your preferences no matter how tall you are.

·         Does not need permanent fixation.

·         Some users think that the fabric is a bit rough.

Customers’ Opinion

Most users agree that:

  • The material could be more gentle. The overall construction is very convenient and safe.
  • This sex swing offers an innumerable number of poses for intimacy. There’s nothing wrong if you decide to fix it to the wall or your ceiling. Nevertheless, the name implies that the best area to attach it a regular wooden or metal door.
  • The price is just fine.

5. Soft Touch Door Swing

General Description

Another convenient tool that does not need installation.

However, the functionality of a tool like this is limited in comparison to the regular swings for the walls and ceilings.

Nevertheless, the price is appealing to inexperienced users of sex tools. 

Basic Characteristics

  • Does not need installation and designed to fit the doors;
  • Has a comfortable seat;
  • The materials used for the surface are neoprene and fleece;
  • Every sling is adjustable;
  • Has slings for the legs and arms;
  • Easily deals with about 140kg weighs.

Pros & Cons

Soft Touch Door Swing PROS

Soft Touch Door Swing CONS

·         Smooth, stylish, and convenient.

·         Does not need installation – make sure your sex swing is attached to a solid door with a closed lock.

·         Opens a new range of sensations;

·         Perfect for the users who don’t have enough power to hold their partners.

·         The maintenance is simple.

·         The price is very low for a sturdy sex swing like this.

·         The overall design is very appealing.

·         The support is sturdy and trustworthy.

Customers’ Opinion

  • The material does not feel as comfortable as described;
  • The setup process is effortless;
  • Needs time to get used to it and adjust it to the users of different heights.

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