Sexual enhancers for women

Erection problems in men are no longer a taboo nowadays. In times of Viagra more and more men talk to their psychologist about difficulties with sexual intercourse. For women it is different. Problems with libido they keep silent in front of gynecologist. Yet many women are affected by libido problems. According to estimates, every fourth woman.

Many women suffer from their lack of sexual desire and therefore put themselves under even more pressure. A vicious circle, because stress puts an additional strain on the libido. Learn more about sexual enhancers for women that put an end to the doldrums in bed here.

How to increase your partner's libido

Who now thinks of hormone patches, pills and love drops, is wrong. Pleasure enhancers from the Internet help little or not at all. To ignite the desire, you also do not need to take money in hand. Here are the simplest and most natural tips for increasing female libido.

Potency remedy #1: Relaxation and sleep

While men can use sex very well to relieve stress, women cannot think about sex when they are under permanent stress. Their bodies are busy producing stress hormones. Other hormones fall behind – including sex hormones. But it's not just everyday errands that stress you out, lack of sleep does, too. If you want your beloved to feel more like making love again, you should help her relax. Take tasks off her hands, suggest relaxation exercises and allow her time for herself. Run her a warm bath. Important: do not give her the feeling that you urgently want to get into bed with her. When the burden is off her she'll want to make up for it all.

Potency #2: Sports

Sport and exercise increase blood circulation in the body. A good blood flow in the body, increases the arousal capacity and thus also makes the orgasm more probable. Just 20 minutes of sweating a day is enough to increase blood circulation. The beloved does not like to do sports? Then suggest she go for a walk together or visit the sauna. Nice side effect of exercise: she feels better about her body and reduces stress hormones.

Potency remedy #3: Pleasure-promoting food

Chili peppers, oysters, chocolate are said to have an aphrodisiac effect. But: "Scientifically, the stimulating effect is not proven," says Professor Uwe Hartmann of the German Society for Sexual Medicine and Sex Therapy in Hanover. Spicy but stimulates circulation, promotes blood flow, increases sensitivity.

Potency remedy #4: Celebrate private parties

Take time together that you celebrate. These islands in everyday life usually fall by the wayside. Listen to her in bad times and show her in good times that you are honestly happy for her. This strengthens the relationship of trust. It's okay to toast, because: "Alcohol in moderation has a slightly stimulating, disinhibiting effect," says Hartmann. But: "Too much alcohol makes you tired." There should be a maximum of 0.5 grams of alcohol per kilo of body weight. So a 60-pound woman may drink 30 grams of alcohol – the equivalent of 2 0.2-liter glasses of champagne or wine.

Potency remedy #5: Stop taking the pill

Taking the pill leads to a change in hormone balance, especially pills with anti-androgenic effects (against skin blemishes) lead to a significant decrease in testosterone levels. "Discontinuing the pill causes testosterone levels to rise again. Whether that stimulates pleasure varies from person to person," says Hartmann.

Potency remedy #6: Petting

Have sex more often without intercourse! When petting, lovers indulge each other long and tenderly. Passionate kisses are exchanged and the whole body is involved in lovemaking. In this way, the partners get to know each other's preferences and can better respond to them during sexual intercourse. Tender time without penetration takes the pressure off both partners to perform and leads to them being more open about desires and fears. Intimate touch promotes mutual trust and affection.

Potency remedy #7: Tantra massages

A Tantra massage can give your partner a completely new approach to her body and her sexuality. During the tantra ritual, the recipient gets new insights into his arousal. When couples perform the ritual together, you train to engage intensively with your partner. You go on a sexual journey of exploration together, feel what pleases your partner. Either give your partner a massage by a Tantra masseuse or attend a course together, where you learn the art of Tantra massage.

Is there also Viagra for women?

Yes, a few years ago a pink pill with the active ingredient flibanserin came on the market in the USA. The drug, like Viagra, is said to increase desire. However, the mode of action is very different from each other. While the active ingredient in Viagra, sildenafil, works between the legs, "Pink Viagra" works in the head. There it affects the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. It is very controversial whether the drug really helps against unwillingness. In combination with alcohol, it can also lead to severe side effects. 

Conclusion: More pleasure through relaxation

To awaken your partner's desire, you don't have to reach into the medicine cabinet or pull out your wallet. You can rekindle the libido in a natural way. By getting even more involved with the partner. Talk to her, give her time to relax, and try new types of play in bed – especially those that place a strong focus on body experience and foreplay. 

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