Yoni massage: how to do the intimate massage

It's slippery, pleasurable and guaranteed not to be inappropriate for young people – the tantric yoni massage. The beauty of it is that you can show your partner a whole new dimension of pleasure through this experience.

What means Yoni?

The word "Yoni" comes from Sanskrit and means "vagina" or "vulva" – the sanctuary of a woman. A sanctuary that we should devote ourselves to more often. Here you can read how to massage the vagina of your beloved so that you burst with pleasure and even female ejaculation is not excluded. 

What is a Yoni massage?

Yoni massage means the intensive and gentle massage of the vagina. It is part of the holistic Tantra massage. The counterpart to the yoni massage is the lingam massage, the extensive treatment of the penis. Yoni massage stimulates about 8000 nerve endings that end in the genital area of the woman. In the process, the pleasure increases slowly and not infrequently ends in an ecstatic state. Many women who experience a yoni massage for the first time are overwhelmed by the feelings they are overcome with. The vagina massage can end with or without a happy ending, i.e. orgasm.

How does a yoni massage work?

Before you devote yourself to the vagina of your beloved, first extensively massage her entire body. It can take a good 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. The point is to relax the woman and slowly awaken her desire. You first knead the back, then the front of the woman with warm oil. Only when she can completely let herself go, you approach the intimate area.

There, too, you will feel your way at a snail's pace to her most sensitive areas, using a good amount of lubricant. When you devote yourself to the clitoris or penetrate the vagina to stimulate the G-spot, the beloved has already reached a high level of pleasure. In professional yoni massage, the masseur or masseuse uses latex gloves.

What are the effects of a yoni massage?

The aim of the yoni massage is not only short-term pleasure. Both partners also benefit from the vagina massage in the long term. The main benefits of yoni massage at a glance:

  • Less fake orgasms: Pampering the yoni trains a woman's ability to orgasm. During the Tantra massage, she gets to know her body in a completely new way. It deals intensively with her erogenous zones and her sensations when touching them. In the best case, the woman succeeds in completely letting herself go and trusting her body and also the partner giving the massage. Because she is not tense during this process, she reaches climax more easily. She will eventually take this ability to relax with her into lovemaking with her partner.
  • Stress in the relationship decreases: In the Tantra massage partners take a lot of time for each other. This strengthens the partnership and also leads to fewer quarrels and misunderstandings outside the bed and a more loving and careful interaction with each other.
  • The woman is happier and more open-minded: A woman who is at peace with her sexuality enjoys sex more and feels more comfortable in her body. That carries it also outwardly. Once a woman has been surprised by the intense experience of a yoni massage, she will be more likely to engage in other sexual adventures as well.
  • Your partner is physically better: A yoni massage can also have a healing effect. For example, she can relieve tension or ease menstrual cramps.
  • You have sex more often and better: Yoni or lingam massage is a highly erotic experience that not infrequently ends in an ecstatic state – and it's addictive!

Thanks to yoni massage to female ejaculation

The intensive and slow occupation with the vagina of the beloved is the best prerequisite for multiple orgasms and "squirting", the female ejaculation. A woman only squirts when she is very aroused. This, in turn, only succeeds when she is allowed to give herself completely – and that, after all, is the goal of every yoni massage. 

With these 6 steps you prepare yourself for the vagina massage

If you ask your partner "Can I massage your vagina", she will either laugh or look irritated. Because most women are not used to the partner devoting himself so intensively and without self-interest to the vagina. Many women also feel shame at the thought. This is often because they can't fully open up to their partner (even if they've been together for a long time). One reason why some women fake the orgasm. The causes are many, but the most common reason is that the woman can not relax. This is how you prepare the most intimate of all relaxation methods:

1. Talk to your partner: You don't have to open the door right away. At the word "vagina massage" many women shy away at first. Tell her that you would like to give her an erotic massage all over her body and ask her if she can imagine it. 

2. Warm up: Before the massage, a shared shower or bath can help to initiate relaxation.

3. Create a pleasant atmosphere In order for the beloved to be able to relax, the atmosphere must be right. A running TV or the smartphone have no place in the room. Bring the room to a comfortable temperature beforehand, provide soft lighting (possibly candles) and put on relaxing music.

4. Take your time: A tantra massage can last up to 2.5 hours. How quickly a woman can let herself go, however, is very individual. Important: If you are pressed for time, you should postpone the massage or leave the yoni out of it.

5. Keep aids at hand: To get in the mood for the massage and to tickle your loved one's senses, you can use soft materials such as a silk scarf or feathers. For body massage use warmed up massage oil, for yoni massage use pH-optimized lubricant gel.

6. Pay close attention to your loved one's reactions: Before and during the massage you should pay close attention to your partner's reactions at all times and be sensitive to them. She should never feel like she's engaging in something she doesn't want to.

The best position for the yoni massage

In order for the woman to enjoy the vaginal massage properly and for the pelvic floor to relax, she should lie on her back. You can slide a pillow under each of your partner's knees. You kneel between her legs.

Instructions for yoni massage: these are the techniques you should know

Caress her face: This has nothing to do with the vagina? Not at all! Touching the face is very intimate and opens the way to a woman's heart (and vagina). 

Touch her nipples: From the nipples there is a direct nerve connection to the vagina. So, when you devote your full body massage to the front of your beloved, you should also pay a lot of attention to the breasts, including the nipples.

Circle the yoni: Approach the intimate zone by first stroking and gently kneading the inner thighs and the mons veneris.

Put your hand on: Most women love it when the man first puts his hand protectively on the vagina. This relaxes and builds trust.

Caress the vulva from the bottom up: You stimulate the blood flow in the yoni when you stroke with the flat of your hand several times from bottom to top. At the latest now you should use lubricant.

Play with the labia: You can gently massage the labia with your thumb and forefinger and slowly run along them.

Activate the pearl: Circle her clit very slowly with your fingertips, tapping it as if you were playing the piano on it with 2 fingers.

Welcome the entrance: Gently touch the vaginal entrance, ask before you go in. When she's ready, she'll magically suck your finger in with her pelvic floor muscles.

Enter the temple: Gently and slowly slide one or 2 fingers into the vagina. The first third of the vagina contains the most nerve endings, so stay here for a while. Then start with small circles on the vaginal ceiling. Penetrate the yoni a little further with each circle. How to find the G-spot soon. Once there, move the fingers as if in a come-hither motion. Now combine the G-Punk massage with a gentle touch on the clitoris.

Give her time: When the beloved has come to orgasm, you should very gently withdraw your fingers and cover her with a cloth. Give her time and space to feel the intense experience.

Conclusion: Your sex life will also benefit from a yoni massage

The yoni massage takes some time, but has it neatly in itself. Because through this experience you can show your beloved a completely new dimension of her pleasure. You benefit from more intense sex, a more harmonious and exciting relationship and you can be sure that your partner's orgasms are real. What could be better than to put a woman in ecstasy? Your partner will think you are a magician.

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