Top 6 Lesbian Sex Toys in 2021: Dildos, Masturbators & Vibrators for Women Couples

The love between two women can be no less passionate than in a heterosexual couple. At the same time, this family also has a sexual life, which is distinguished by great sensuality.

Thus, women can enjoy sex with unique sex toys or strap for lesbians and with the help of their bodies. What helps them brighten up intimacy? We chose six exciting women toys for amazing lesbian sex.

Lesbian feeling can not be compared, it feels very differentlyToys also be attached to the body with a strap or suction cups It is suitable electrical Stimulation for both the active phase of sex and foreplay

1. LELO Tiani 2 – extraordinary sensations and enjoyment for two

Exquisite toy beauty Tiani is a real find for couples who love sexy fun and immodest experiments.

Its thin tip is inserted into the vagina, and the outer thickened part gently caresses the clitoris, leaving vaginal admission free for a member of a partner or other toy! You can use this during strap or preludes. This is an excellent option for a pair of lesbians for bright sex and intimate games.


  • Two gyroscopic modes that respond to the movement of the console during sex and intimate caresses;
  • The console vibrates to the beat of the toy itself, which allows you to feel the same vibrations as your partner during sex, or even use the console for additional Stimulation! (this feature can be disabled);

  • Included additional interchangeable nozzle with an enlarged tip for more accurate and useful Stimulation during sex (including point G);
  • Waterproof can be used even in the bathroom;
  • The vibrator is powered by a built-in battery (Li-Ion 70 mAh / 3.7 V), fully charged from a typical network in about 2 hours.


  • The battery sits fast;
  • Does not have a strap.


“Beautiful model of the vibrator. This dildo is an extraordinary sensation during sex. I am impressed – quality and beautiful! I recommend to everyone! If you are going to take for someone as a gift, be sure to buy for yourself.”

“Long thought and chose between Tiani 2 and Wevibe 3. We stopped all the same on Tiani, and so far we don’t regret it) I liked it vibrator during sex, especially with the use of additional nozzles.”

2. Graceful LELO Sona Cruise – give pleasure to both of you

LELO Sona is a unique lesbian stimulant vibrator that caresses the clitoris without vibration and any physical contact.

This toy allows you to achieve sexual sensations that cannot be made by any other type of Stimulation. It will be interesting to use the strap during games with this toy. Sleep-generated acoustic waves act on the nerve endings of the clitoral zone during sex or foreplay (including those hidden deep inside).


  • The impact of this toy is not only on the external (visible) part of the clitoris but also on the entire clitoral zone.
  • 8 levels of intensity of Stimulation + 8 modes of Stimulation with intervals for the best lesbian sex. The power of Stimulation can be changed in each of the ways.

  • Surface material vibrator: pure medical silicone – safe, pleasant to the touch material that does not require complex care.
  • This toy is easily controlled in sex with the help of three buttons (the “+/–” buttons are used to adjust the intensity of vibration, the central button – to switch modes).
  • Fully waterproof – can be used even under water.


  • Does not have a strap for mounting;
  • Very high-intensity exposure.


“For me, it dildo is too powerful in sex, I can only use it with cooling lubricant.”

“I have a very high sensitivity. I can use this device only in some situations.”

3. We-Vibe Nova – completely new sensations in sex for you and your partner

The graceful and elegant Nova from We-Vibe is an inexhaustible source of feminine pleasure.

Its solid trunk is bent uniquely in sex for the most direct impact on point G, and the very flexible and unusually long tail turns after the movement of the hand, caressing the clitoris gently and aggressively, right down to the insanely bright and truly inevitable orgasm. Using the strap will only complement the unusual sensations of both partners.


  • The toy has two powerful and quiet motors (in the upper part of the trunk and the tail), which can work together or separately.
  • 10 vibration modes with control using buttons + unlimited vibration control with the help of the We-Connect application.

  • Surface material: 100% pure medical silicone with a silky surface – a pleasant in sex, absolutely safe material that does not require complex care.
  • The intensity of vibration can vary in each of the modes.


  • Unusual management, but you can get used to it.


“This is the rare case when a purchase meets 100% of expectations. The shape of the wounded part falls exactly where it is needed and does not collapse anywhere. There is a feeling that Nova can bring a woman in sex with any preferences to orgasm.”

4. SVAKOM Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator – pleasure and style

This dildo vibrates, and its fingers rotate, stimulating your most sensitive parts, bringing waves of pleasure in sex with it.

The nymph also has a soft and flexible round head with a strong built-in vibration motor. Perhaps tying the strap will be able to enhance the sensations.


  • This toy has a unique shape in the form of octopus with three asynchronously moving tentacles. Each of the arms makes circular movements, which, together with powerful vibration, provides a very pleasant in sex and unusual sensations.

  • Fully waterproof – can be used even underwater and easy to clean after use.
  • 3 levels of intensity of exposure.
  • Suitable for use in lesbian sex or a couple of male and female.


  • Men may experience strange sensations when exposed to the head of the penis.


“Vibration is a simple process, but the magic tentacles in sex did not leave me indifferent. The nymph is quite quiet (but not without sound) slides her fingers over the clitoris, nipples, head, scrotum, and wherever it is needed with great success.”

5. Unique toy Sqweel 2 – extraordinary sensations in every use

Sqweel – one of the most popular and unusual female sex toys in the world! This dildo has ten magic spinning tongues, which, like ten skillful little lovers, tirelessly deliver a delicious sweet treat.

Sqweel can be used by a woman in sex for a bright orgasm, in lesbian sex or together with a partner to make love foreplay genuinely magical. Using the strap and rope can give a completely different feeling.


  • 10 gentle silicone reeds, rotating, one after another caress the clitoris or any other erogenous zones (nipples, perineum, labia, anus).
  • 3 rotation speeds: low, medium, high + reversing mode (tongues rotate in the opposite direction) + oscillation mode (tongues rotate alternately in one direction, then in the other).
  • Easily controlled in sex with two buttons on the case.


  • Quite noisy.
  • It is necessary to use additional lubrication.


“For its price, the toy in sex is very wonderful. But it roars insanely loud. It seems to me that even the neighbors behind the wall have heard how it works.”

“It is impossible to do in sex without lubrication exactly … It is very noisy, and the speed is quite fast, even at the 1st level.”

6. Manly Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies – a real find for couples

Crystal Jellies Jr. Double Dong is a long double-sided dildo that will allow you to discover new facets of pleasure sex with your partner.

It is made in a realistic design that guarantees the most natural sensations during sex or love game. Often, to reinforce sensations, a strap or rope is used for tying.


  • Narrow portion near base allows you to maintain a grip on this Big Boy.
  • Subtle curves and ridges are designed to provide intense pleasure, whether inserted shallow or deep.
  • Made of body-safe, latex-free, non-phthalate PVC and it’s Proudly Made In America.


  • The unpleasant smell of a new toy, which then disappears.
  • The toy is mainly intended for lesbian sex, i.e., in other embodiments, it is not used.


“the shape and quality were good in sex, but the smell that was from the toy was unpleasant (“

“In general, it has no flaws, no claims on the quality. The only nuance, really peculiar smell at the beginning, but over time it disappears, which pleases:)”

What other sex toys can lesbians use?

Thanks to these devices, the proximity is bright and no less attractive than that of heterosexual couples:


Artificial dildo on the straps is a sex toy that allows you to try on the role of an active sexual partner.

Today, there are dozens of different models of toys for sex that give pleasure not only to lesbians but also to other users. In this case, this device is usually fixed with straps or a special bandage.


Vibrator – the most versatile sex toy for any couple, including in lesbian sex in its various manifestations. You can influence them on different erogenous zones. These toys can also be attached to the body with a strap, but not all models are capable of it.


Such a sex toy for a couple like a dildo helps women in sex get full sexual discharge.

Such dildos of various shapes and sizes are suitable for anal and vaginal Stimulation. Most dildos can be attached to a belt with a strap or elastic band.

Fisting toys in a lesbian couple

In addition to the translational and massage movements in the area of the vagina and anus, you can also use stretching. Often hands are used for this, but it is much more convenient to replace them with special sex toys for fisting.

Women’s Vacuum Pumps

Strengthen the sensations of women from every touch during sex, you can use a vacuum pump. Each action after applying the pump seems more vivid and memorable.

In this case, the use of strap is impractical.

Anal stimulants

Anus is a sensitive place in many people. And lesbians often use anal sex toys in their sex games. With their help, it is possible to significantly diversify sensations, to make the effect more interesting.


Impact on the body can occur in different ways. Electrostimulation is becoming increasingly popular. This feeling can not be compared with a dildo or vibrator toys, it feels very differently.

It is suitable electrical Stimulation for both the active phase of sex and foreplay. They can also be attached to the body with a strap or suction cups.

In sex, lesbians are more likely to turn to products for adults, try something new and frankly talk about their desires.

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