Jack Style Rabbit Vibrators for Women in 2021 – Rated

The market of toys for the lustful people has been developing for years, and now it is overflown with brainstorming options ready to give you more than a regular sexual relief.

Have you ever heard about the best rechargeable rabbit vibrators?

This self-satisfaction tool has a couple of “ears” of different size and shape (one for the inner action and the other one for g-spot stimulation), which makes the users think it looks like a rabbit.

That’s a relatively new sex tool invented somewhere in the 90s and providing the users with a ton of advantages:

  • Simultaneous stimulation of two zones at once;
  • Some of the rabbits can rotate in addition to the range of vibration modes;
  • A possibility to have two types of orgasms at once, which is appealing for women with the huge libido.
A rabbit vibrator is a popular toy for women able to rotate and vibrate at the same timeIts functionality makes it unique - it has two shafts designed to stimulate the vagina and clitoris helping you reach blended orgasm Also call them spot vibrators because it’s destined to stimulate your g-spot while delivering you powerful vibrations from the inside

Our TOP 5 Best Rabbit Vibrators Available in the Market

Make sure you use your best rabbit vibrator with a sufficient amount of water-based lube to avoid rashes and discomfort that users experience with some sex toys.


General Description

That’s quite a pricey product among the sex toys for women. It delivers the best, sweet and soft vibrations to the inner vaginal area and stimulates the G-spot.

It’s one of the most famous rabbit vibrators despite the price. Nevertheless, there’s still a chance to get a seasonal discount from the manufacturer or from the online shop you use regularly.

That’s a refined dual spot massager made with the use of high-end, body-safe materials.

Size, Materials & Interface

  • The toy is made of ABS plastic and skin-safe silicone. It has a perfect matte finish and is released in several colour options.
  • The dimensions of LELO SORAYA are 220 x 69 x 44mm. You’ll be able to insert it 110mm deep.
  • It weighs 175g.
  • The interface is intuitive and straightforward – the tool is controlled with only three buttons with eight vibration modes available.
  • Can be used for 4 hours after being wholly charged
  • Has effortless maintenance and is controlled intuitively
  • One-year and ten-year guarantee

These toys’ manufacturer strongly advises the customers use your LELO SORAYA toys with the unique Antibacterial Cleaning Spray produced by LELO.

Customers’ Opinion

Summing up the reviews of the Lelo Soraya Toys’ users posted on the official website of the company, we can make up a list of main features:

  • Perfect as the first sex toy for inexperienced users;
  • The position of the control buttons seems to be inconvenient for some of the users – check this out before you order one;
  • It makes your head spin and delivers orgasms on the verge of losing consciousness;
  • All users agree that the tool is silent, and you can’t hear it from behind the door.

2. LELO INA™ 2

General Description

The manufacturer spared no effort and applied innovetive technologies combined with the top-notch materials to produce this rabbit vibrator.

It’s one of the brand new toys released by the manufacturer, and it’s getting more popular yearly. It’s slightly cheaper than LELO SORAYA and, judging by the experience of the users, it is as satisfying as the most expensive brand products of LELO.

Size, Materials & Interface

  • This dual vibration tool is made of ABS plastic and silicone with a pleasant-to-the-touch matte finish.
  • The dimensions are 200 x 62 x 33mm with 110mm insertable length. The weight is 130g.
  • Four control buttons are giving you access to eight modes of vibration.

  • Perfect blended orgasms due to the two motors built-in in the device
  • Customers often use it for anal caress
  • Exquisite design and three color options make it a perfect present
The manufacturer firmly insists on the use of antibacterial tools from LELO that you should use to make sure that the toy lasts long. LELO’s Antibacterial Cleaning Spray will be perfect for the storage and protection of your sex imitating tool.

Customers’ Opinion

To sum up the first impression of the users, we’ve created a list of features they’ve paid attention to:

  • LELO INA delivers extremely fast satisfaction (about 6 seconds to reach the double climax);
  • This tool will teach you experience multiple climaxes even if you’ve never had such things in your intimacy with the partners or alone;
  • It’s one of the most reasonably-priced products by LELO with an unlimited range of options in comparison to the other stuff sold by the manufacturer;

  • The maintenance is super simple thanks to the plain design and long-lasting material;
  • The tool is bent anatomically and hits every single spot you might desire;
  • Many women and men use LELO INA as a regular massager because of the convenient shape.

Pay special attention to the dimensions and the diameter of the sex toys that you choose. Some of the products released by LELO may be too wide for some of the women.

3. Nora by LOVENSE

Lovense has been making vibrators and sex toys for about ten years.
The manufacturer promptly aims at the needs of the clients and treats negative and positive feedback with respect.

Nora has already experienced three steps of development, and the latest version was created in 2017. The manufacturer updated the package and made it discreet.

That’s a magical sex tool with a lot of opportunities including long-distance controlling, a possibility to detect your partner’s moves, and a ton of improved technical features.

Size, Materials & Interface

  • Made of harmless plastic combined with the silicone of the best quality.
  • The overall measurements of the toy are 28 x 10 x 7.5cm. You can insert it 120mm deep, and the length of the handle is 80mm.
  • That’s a Bluetooth rabbit vibrator but you can also laynch and use it with the help of the control panel on the outside of the device.

  • Comes in a discreet and stylish package, which makes it a perfect present for someone you care about
  • Connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth
  • The material is durable and has effortless maintenance
Don’t forget about a bottle or a tube of water lubricant to prevent your silicone-covered device from deterioration. The best choice will be to invest in a bottle of water-based lube by Lovense. Don’t forget to add this item to your shopping cart before you get to the check-out procedure.

Customers’ Opinion

The reviews of the customers are mostly positive. Nevertheless, contradictions regularly appear:

  • The rotating head mesmerizes most users. With a sufficient amount of water-based lube, it makes you feel like someone is licking your most sensitive spot.
  • Unfortunately, many reviews point out that the vibration itself could have been more intensive.

  • The charging is a pain in the neck – you’ll have to take your time to pick out a suitable adapter and choose the only convenient way to charge it. Nora has an unstable connection to most USB ports of personal computers and laptops.
  • Most users agree that Nora, by Lovense, is perfect for a sex play with a partner. Its gentle and soft surface is pleasant to the touch and can be used for a regular massage and the anal stimulation.
  • Some of the users consider this rabbit vibrator a bit oversized and noisy.
  • Bluetooth connection can be glitch depending on the mobile phone you’re using.

We want to say that no one regretted buying this vibrator. However, the customers say that they would have paid more for better self-satisfaction toys. Nora is made of delicate materials; it works properly but has insignificant drawbacks appearing at the most inappropriate moment.

4. Jessica Rabbit 10

General Description

It’s one of the cheapest and best spot rabbit vibration toys among those who search for instant double pleasure without special attention to luxurious details.

The big shaft has gentle physiological curves copying the shape of a usual male organ. The clitoral shaft will deliver you blended or multiple orgasms in case if you use the tool right.

Size, Materials & Interface

  • The diameter is 2.5cm. The insertable length is 12.7cm. The overall length is about 23cm.
  • Manufactured without the use of latex, phthalates, and other materials harmless to your health.
  • The device is very sturdy and long-lasting because of high-grade TPE.
  • There’s a push button and several speed and vibration patterns.
  • Works with the batteries.

Customers’ Opinion

  • It’s unsafe to use it behind the closed doors because it is too loud.
  • It’s mighty for a vibrating sex toy with two shafts and a variety of vibration and speed options. It is worth the price.
  • The tool has some drawbacks, but when you start comparing the prices and offered functionality, you get surprised by the choice of pleasant things Jessica Rabbit 10 has.

5. Tracey Cox Rabbit Vibrator

General Description

It is known as a very quiet and intensive self-satisfaction tool. It’s sleek and smooth. Flawless for the stimulation of G-spot.

Tracey Cox also delivers impressive blended climaxes with vaginal and clitoral orgasms. Experienced sex toys users use it for anal pleasure and general body massage. One of the most excellent qualities that makes it worth the price is the way how quiet it works in addition to the power. There are two speeds and five patterns.

Size, Material & Interface

  • The base diameter is about 2.5cm. The insertable length is more than 10cm. The overall length is more than 20cm.
  • Tracey Cox clitoris spot tool has no latex or phthalate components in the structure. It’s a firm device covered with high-end silicone.
  • There are two speeds and five patterns controlled by the two motors and outside buttons. The remote control is unavailable.

Customers’ Opinion

  • You’ll need no more than a couple of minutes to get to the best explosive double climax thanks to a spot vibration.
  • It’s a mighty and comfortable spot toy for the money.
  • That’s the best and, probably, the cheapest vibrator ready to help you learn how to cum multiple times.

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