Silicone Lube: Uberlube Lubricant for Great Sex

A lube that’s perfect for everyone doesn’t exist. It should be selected individually based on personal feelings and preferences.

Also, the choice should take into account such things as individual intolerance and allergies. We do not know which lubricant is best for You, but we decided to simplify the selection process and offer the best silicone lubes, that everyone can buy today.

If your sexual intercourse usually lasts more than half an hour, choose silicone-based lubricantsSilicone provides a longer lasting effect than water-based, and also better protect against chafing Silicone lube is not suitable for oral sex, as the stomach does not digest its components

1. ID Millennium Silicone Lubricant

What do customers expect from the best silicone lube?

Correct! ID Millennium Silicone Lubricant can be used both for masturbation and for sex.


  • Makes it possible for deep penetration
  • Do not cause allergies


  • Сan not be used with silicone toys
  • Can leave marks on clothes if it is terrible to wash off with water

2. Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lubricant – the best silicone lube with a hybrid composition!

This lube has a hybrid formula. It is made of water-based with the addition of 12% silicone.

It makes the sliding effect more durable and renders your pleasure is endless.

Suitable even for sensitive skin, as it does not contain parabens and glycerin. It has used for masturbation, vaginal and anal sex.

Key advantages

  • Сool, thick and creamy consistency
  • It hasn’t taste and smell
  • Lube does not leave marks on clothing and skin


  • Simple bottle design
  • Not recommended for use with silicone toys

3. Uberlube Luxury Lube

If You are looking for the best silicone lube that will be placed in a convenient bottle with an exquisite design, Uberlube Luxury Lube is what you need.

It is convenient to take with you on the road and store on the bedside table.

This lube is applied in a thin and natural layer, the structure of which is as similar as possible to the natural selection.

A convenient dispenser allows you to take the lubricant directly during sex, without spending too much time on it.


  • Adds sharpness to sensations, prevents the appearance of microcracks
  • Non-sticky consistency, soft and silky texture


It has no significant disadvantages. Many users note this tool in reviews as the best silicone lubе with the only drawback – a high price.

However, taking into account the economic consumption and long shelf life, the purchase of Uberlube Luxury Lube will result in a more profitable buy than the purchase of similar products in a more giant bottle.

4. Gun Oil Personal Silicone Lubricant

A product of premium quality, which will provide excellent lube to the primary human weapon during sexual pleasures.

Gun Oil Personal Silicone Lubricant is convenient and effective means: not so dirty as the cream, and not as quickly ends as a water-based lubricant. It heightens the pleasure when stimulating any sensitive area.

The substance has no colour, smell and taste. The lube is not sticky and easy to clean. Silicone in the lubricant allows prolonging sexual intercourse and pleasure from it. A single use is enough for one sexual act.  The oil is not erased or absorbed. Any experiment will now be possible to implement!

Key advantages

  • It maintains a high viscosity which creates optimal friction between the meeting parts
  • It cannot act only as a lubricant, but also as a massage oil


  • Сan leave marks on the bed and clothes
  • The bottle gets very slippery after a few uses
  • Сan’t be used with condoms and silicone toys

5. Sliquid Organics Natural Silk Hybrid Lubricant

Get incomparable pleasure from the delicate touch of wet organic silk lube.

Get perfect pleasure from the sensitive bit of slippery organic silk grease. The unique formula of the lube based on water and silicone is supplemented with natural ingredients. They make the skin silky and do not cause allergic reactions.

The grease does not evaporate and does not spread. It evenly envelops the area of the body and the perineum, allowing you not to interrupt sexual intercourse until you experience orgasm. It can also be used for intimate massage. The composition of the lube, enriched with vitamins, carefully takes care of the health of women.


  • Тhe extract of Aloe Vera and sunflower oil has a soothing effect on the skin during and after sex
  • Allows you to engage in love games for a long time without stopping
  • No parabens in the composition
  • The lube has a gentle barely perceptible smell
  • Does not irritate the genital area, even in people with sensitive skin
  • Сonvenient bottle with a secure lid that protects against leakage in any position


  • May damage silicone toys

What to pay attention to when choosing a lube?

Of course, the composition. It should not be parabens, dyes, and ideally – flavours.

A good lube should be odourless or barely perceptible.

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