10 petting techniques that make every woman hot

Making out, flowering, ring play with touching – for petting there are colloquially many clear terms. Most people know the word from their youth, understanding erotic cloth touching as the first tentative sexual attempts of adolescents. Later, "foreplay" replaces petting, is much shorter and always includes intercourse as well.

But petting has nothing to do with age and is far too good to be considered just a necessary accessory. Because: couples who regularly engage in petting have better sex than those who forego groping. And women are impressed by which petting techniques a man masters.

What is petting? What belongs to it? From soft petting to heavy petting

What is petting exactly? Translated, petting means "to caress", from the English "to pet". Technically it means sex without intercourse. Means: The partners excite themselves only with hands, lips and tongue. A distinction is made between soft petting, medium petting and heavy petting. So-called soft petting involves fondling with clothes on (can be really hot, too)!), in the next stage the covers fall and in heavy petting it comes, completely unclothed, also to the orgasm.

The 3 biggest advantages of petting in contrast to sexual intercourse

Who believes that petting is only the worse variant of sex, is mistaken. In fact, extensive "making out" even has advantages over sexual intercourse. The 3 biggest pros at a glance:

1. Advantage of petting: It works in many places

Fondling can be done almost anywhere if you're smart about it – even under a restaurant table, in a movie theater or on a busy beach. With sexual intercourse, it's a different story. For in-out play, more than a privacy screen is needed to indulge in pleasure unnoticed. And not always, when the desire comes, you can retreat to the toilet or into a quiet chamber.

2. Advantage of petting: It leads to more sex

Women love foreplay during sex. In fact, they love it so much they'd double it more than half the time in most cases. Say: Women are crazy about petting, because it is the foreplay without end. Women enjoy it very much when they are touched tenderly and have plenty of time to let the desire slowly rise inside them (and get wet!). That is why with petting the chances are better that she will climax. If you petting regularly with your partner, she will feel more like the relaxed finger play and this in turn usually leads to more intercourse (and less fake orgasms).

3. Advantage of petting: it improves the relationship

It's a gift when your partner engages extensively with a woman's body – and vice versa. During petting, the lovers indulge each other long and tenderly, make each other hot. Passionate kisses are exchanged and the whole body is involved in lovemaking. It is important to pay attention to the reactions of the other person. The partners get to know each other's preferences and are better able to respond to them during sexual intercourse. The tender time without penetration takes away the pressure to perform for both partners and leads to both being able to talk more openly about desires and fears. Touching is the most intimate relationship that can be established between two people. It promotes mutual trust and affection.

Which petting methods do women totally go for?

When petting, the partners let themselves be guided entirely by their desire and preferences. There is no exact timetable. This is what makes petting so exciting. Nevertheless, we have listed for you below the petting methods that most often turn women on. 

Petting technique 1: playing with looks and words

You want to turn each other on. This includes deep looks and tender words. You can also start petting without directly addressing it. Look your partner in the eyes for a long time when you sit or lie in front of her. She will smile and seek physical contact all by herself. Whisper teasing things in her ear while touching her ear with your lips, tenderly brush aside her hair.

Petting method 2: touching in the face

Look at her face, trace the bridge of her nose with your finger, stroke her cheeks, brows and lips. Let your lips gently move over your neck, eyelids, and mouth. Touching the face is a sign of affection and requires trust. Rarely are we touched there by another person. By making these loving gestures, you make sure your partner is more likely to open up in the next few minutes. She will demand the caresses herself.

Fondling technique 3: intense kisses

In everyday life, kisses between couples are often limited only to quick bussis. When petting, smooching, as we know it from the past, is finally back on the agenda. Means: It may become slippery! Concentrate for once only on hot tongue games. Lick and suck passionately. Play with lips, tongue and teeth. Kiss as if you have just met each other. Remember what this feels like? Play through different delicious kissing variations: For example, snack on sweet fruit, caramel, mint or chocolate between kisses. Many women also find it arousing when dominance and submission are played with during kissing. Go for the kisses sometimes more tender, sometimes more demanding.

Petting technique 4: go slowly

The wet kisses are so intense that you'll want to jump right into them. However, you should always slow down. Wait a few minutes to calm down a bit again. This way you train your sexual stamina and your beloved has more time to let the arousal rise inside her.

Petting move 5: Release tension

To start the physical part of the petting, the massage is ideal. Start kneading her thighs and work your way down her shins to her ankles. Then also tenderly massage her feet. She will flinch at first because there are numerous nerve endings under the sole of her foot, but then relax. There are even said to be women who report that the stimulation on the soles of their feet causes them to get wet. Once you have kneaded her feet (crucial for her relaxation), massage her belly, breasts and neck as well. Instead of oil, you can also use a damp towel that you have previously heated for a few seconds in the microwave. Still more tingling eroticism pleasing? Then wear silk gloves when stroking and massaging your feet.

Fondling method 6: the no-movement game

In this type of play, you tell your sweetheart that you will always continue touching her after she tells you where and how she wants to be pampered next. This game will benefit both of you: you will make her open up and tell you what she really wants.

Petting technique 7: pay homage to the center of pleasure

Oh yes: the vagina and the penis are of course at the center of heavy petting. But the trick is to work your way slowly and leave the scene again and again, so as not to launch the missiles immediately. Caress the vagina extensively (also the labia!) and gently penetrate to the clitoris. Many men still greet the clitoris too impetuously. Because the little sensitive reacts irritated if it is immediately touched with too much pressure. Nudge the clit gently at first and prepare it for the following caresses. Let your partner guide you and show her how you want to be pampered. There is no limit to your imagination: You can use your fingers, tongue, lips, sex toys or other aids and extend the area to the backdoor. Important: never stay too long only with the vagina. In between, caress other parts of the body from time to time or give your sweetheart intense tongue kisses.

Petting method 8: experiment with cold and bubbles

The Pet game is a playground for experiments. Because it's not about intercourse and the end is open-ended, you can try out what you've always wanted to do and see if it's suitable as a component for later lovemaking. For example, how about tickling champagne bubbles in the belly button or an ice cube on the nipples? If you're into playing with food, put grapes in the freezer for 20 minutes. Clamped between your lips or teeth and gently pressed against your vagina, the cooling effect can make your sweetheart shiver pleasantly.

Fondling move 9: Use lubricants

Lubricating gel could also be called horny gel. Because when it slips properly, woman enjoys caresses on the vagina especially. While too much lubricant during sexual intercourse may cause the sensations of penetration to be less, it improves the show during petting. 

Petting technique 10: increase the skin contact

The skin is the largest sensory organ of the body. Means: the larger the area of touch, the more intense the sensation. You can increase the area by lying naked on top of each other. The thrill: she feels your erect penis, you feel her warm and wet vagina – but don't penetrate her. After extensive finger, lip and tongue play, this situation alone can provoke a spontaneous orgasm. Don't think so? Give it a try!

The 5 hottest places for petting

Of course, when it comes to hot games, we think first of the bed when it comes to the location. But the advantage of petting is that you can do it in more places than sexual intercourse. We've tracked down 5 hot locations and are about to show you the best tricks for each situation. For example, how about petting in the car, on a plane, or in a club?

1. In a dark lounge

Why it works: The music, the heated atmosphere, the risk.
Equipment: A skirt.

It's like school days: Hunker down in a dark corner of the club or lounge and rub your bodies together. Caress your sweetheart's neck, nibble on her ears, and sink into wild tongue kisses as you caress her lower back or run through her hair. If you're heated, find a secluded seat and ask her to sit on your hip with her legs crossed. Now slide your forearm under your bottom through between her legs. Apply pressure to her entire pubic area. She can increase the pressure. How to increase the blood flow in their genitals. Quiet moans go unheard due to the music in the club. If the occasion doesn't allow you to let your fingers play too, you can continue the game at home at will. Your sweetheart will be very hot in any case.

2. In the car

Why it works: Slowness and risk.Equipment: Automatic transmission.

A weekend road trip to the countryside offers more than beautiful views. On a quiet country road you can also roll the car slowly and let the right hand go wandering. Of course, you should not lose sight of the road in the process. For half a song on the radio, slide your fingertips up and down your sweetheart's inner thighs (it's hot; she's wearing a skirt) and get closer and closer to her crotch. Then place your hand on her mons veneris and let it rest. Look at the surroundings: Nice here, or? Women love these erotic incidental touches. Only after some time do you gently trace the shape of her labia with your fingertips, tap the clit. Okay, now it's time to look for a parking place. Probably your sweetheart will get rid of her panties all by herself. When she is naked, slide a wet finger on her clit and go from top to bottom. If you keep this up, she'll have an electrifying orgasm in the next few minutes. Don't worry: you'll get your turn afterwards too.

3. In the shower

Why it works: Is slippery.
Equipment: Soap.

The shower offers the best conditions for hot finger play: it's hot, wet and tight. Women love it when their partner washes their hair. When you gently massage her scalp, she can relax and not think about everyday worries. After the hair, devote yourself to her neck, shoulders, belly and hips with lots of lather. Take your time. With a pH-friendly soap, you can also massage her intimate area. To do this, circle with one hand on the mons pubis, the other on the buttocks. When your sweetheart lets her head fall back, you know she's enjoying it. Now you can slide your entire forearm between her legs and over her vulva. Soon your partner will take over the pace and pressure and climax.

4. On the couch

Why it works: delightfully cozy.
Equipment: your tongue.

You relax best in your own 4 walls. Because you don't run the risk of being watched here, you can also incorporate hot tongue games into petting. To loosen her up even more, massage her feet while watching TV and work your way up to her thighs. At the latest, when you reach her crotch, the TV should be turned off and your lips should rest on hers. Now slowly take off her shirt and kiss her belly as you also pull her pants (and panties) down over her hips. Slide a pillow under her hip, cover the mons veneris with kisses, and carefully feel your way to her clitoris with your tongue. Tongue in different directions and slide into vagina with 2 fingers of other hand. The combination of oral and manual techniques is the surest way to bring a woman to orgasm.

5. On the plane

Why it works: Fondling above the clouds.
Equipment: a row of seats to yourself, a blanket.

On long-haul flights it's fantastic to pass the time with finger games. But the airplane toilet is much too uncomfortable for that. If you have a row of seats to yourselves, fold up the armrest between you and your beloved and put a blanket (ask the stewardess) over both of you. Then you wait for the lights to go out. Now your sweetheart can lean back on your shoulder while you feel her curves under the blanket over her clothes. Surely your sweetheart wears only thin, comfortable pants, through which you can feel her mons veneris and labia. Let 4 fingers rest there, exert light pressure. Then rub up and down and let the fingertips circle. It's the most common technique women use when masturbating, so you're guaranteed to get her on cloud nine.

Conclusion: groping improves your love life

Petting is not just for the first sexual advances. Those who fondle extensively more often improve their qualities as lovers and the relationship. And of course there is nothing to stop you from sinking the boat after the caressing sex. The best thing to do is to start, er, fumbling today!

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