5 ultimate tips for masturbation

Masturbation is the easiest way to reach orgasm – especially now in times of a pandemic with contact restrictions. However, many men have learned in their youth to masturbate quickly and silently so that they don't get caught. These techniques, trimmed for effectiveness, often last into adulthood.

For most, it's about a quick release of pressure, not a bang climax. It's a pity, because the pleasure falls by the wayside. Wouldn't it be nicer to combine the two? We have some really good tips for this.

1. Masturbation trick: Switch hands

Are you left or right handed when masturbating? Surely you have tried to use your non-dominant hand before. Maybe you've even tried the "stranger hand technique". According to this, a hand that falls asleep while masturbating is supposed to feel like foreign fingers are doing the hand job. Before you sit on your hand or even draw blood in other ways, we'd like to suggest a more creative and far more pleasurable technique for creating that feeling.

Turn your non-dominant hand the other way around, as if it belonged to a person standing in front of you (the index finger is on top of the shaft). Or press the penis against your belly with one hand, while 2 to 3 fingers slide quickly up and down the shaft. As with sex, a change of position works wonders for masturbation.

2. Masturbate better by delaying the ending

The quick number is suitable for relaxation on days when there is not much time for the most beautiful thing in the world. In situations where you have a little more leeway, it's worth experimenting with the start-stop method of masturbation. It promises a more intense and lasting satisfaction.

Always work your best piece until just before ejaculation and then stop. Give yourself a short break until the erection decreases again slightly. Then start from the beginning. If you use this technique 3 to 4 times in a row before you reach a well-deserved orgasm, the ejaculation will be much more powerful. You don't have to invest much more time than for the usual number. It trains your erection by the way. Means: You can also have sex with two people longer. 

3. Onaniertechnik: Welcome a new girlfriend 

Toys are not just for women when it comes to masturbation. It is also perfect for men to spice up solo sex. Masturbators are among the most popular sex toys for men. The so-called "Fleshlight" simulates the feeling of real vaginal or anal intercourse. The material is cuddly and creates a pleasant vacuum effect. The penis is inserted into the opening of the Fleshlight with a little lubricant and then moved up and down with the hand.

However, the nifty device can not only intensify orgasm, but also train sexual stamina. Who can delay the ejaculation with the device for 10 minutes, should bring it during sex with a woman on whole 20 minutes. For an even more realistic feeling, use a toy with a wall mount (for example, by suction cup). With it you have both hands free. Fleshlights cost between 20 and 100 euros and are a good investment for men who like to experiment and masturbate frequently. However, a masturbator is only something for sex at home, the quick masturbation on the toilet of the office is too tricky with it. These 12 sex toys make masturbating so much better.

4. Tip for masturbation: Find your epididymis

Even if we already know our body very well, there are still erotic hotspots on it that you haven't discovered yet. Similar to the female G-spot, men also have regions that are thought to enhance orgasms through massage. A number of studies – most of them on dogs and rodents – have proven that stimulation of the epididymis can lead to ejaculation. (More tips: The Ultimate Guide to Masturbation.)

In many online forums men confirm that a massage or electrostimulation leads to a new feeling of orgasm for them. Reason enough to give it a try. The two epididymis are located at the root of your penis between the shaft and the testicles. This is where your sperm are stored. They also connect the testicles to the vas deferens. If you gently massage the epididymis while masturbating, you might be lucky enough to get an explosive climax out of it. You should never masturbate with these 8 items.

5. Bring the balls into play

Please do not neglect your crown jewels during masturbation. Because there are just as many sex-specific nerve endings on the testicle as on your penis. In the heat of the moment, however, they are often paid little attention and rarely included in masturbation. Careful, rhythmic pulling down before ejaculation provokes a more intense climax. It is said that some men reach orgasm just by stimulating the testicle. The 5 biggest porn lies.

Our 5 masturbation secret tips promise maximum relaxation with minimum effort.  Try the tips for masturbation in a quiet minute, you will be surprised how much scope of your body you have not used before when masturbating.

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