Multiple orgasm for men

How would you describe an orgasm? It's as if you relinquish control of your brain and body for a moment and surrender willy-nilly to this fantastic feeling? Too bad only women manage to enjoy this high several times during sex. But is that really true? Can men not experience multiple orgasms and if so, how does it work?

What is a multiple orgasm? 

The definition of a multiple orgasm is very simple: you climax several times during sexual intercourse. A phenomenon that is not uncommon in women.

Can only women experience a multiple orgasm?

No, men can also have multiple orgasms. Normally, a man needs at least 20 minutes to recover and "reload" after ejaculation. This phase is called the refractory period. It is prolonged depending on the age of the man. This means that a twenty-year-old is ready to start again more quickly than a thirty-year-old. Researchers suspect that this forced pause is caused by the hormone prolactin. It increases after ejaculation. Prolactin can interfere with arousal. In addition, after ejaculation, the hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline drop rapidly. This hormone status causes the famous fatigue afterwards.

In women, the hormone prolactin is also released after orgasm, but at the same time the levels of the hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine in the blood rise. This could be the reason why women can orgasm a second time without a long pause.

Can any man have a multiple orgasm?

"Yes, no special conditions are needed for this," explains Professor Marian Dunn of the Center for Human Sexuality in New York City. So it has nothing to do with predisposition, but with discipline to practice. Because the multi-orgasm you can train. The task is: you have to shorten or skip the refractory period.

How do I train my ability to have multiple orgasms?

First of all, you should realize: An orgasm is not the same as an ejaculation. "There are ejaculations without orgasm, without the slightest pleasurable sensation at all. And vice versa: It gives intoxicating orgasms without ejaculation," Dunn explains.

One has nothing to do with the other from a physiological point of view. The ejaculation is a matter of the genital organs, the orgasm a matter of the brain. While the muscle contractions that lead to ejaculation and the nerve impulses that trigger the ecstatic high usually occur together or only a fraction of a second apart, so they appear identical to the intoxicated man. But they are not. Coming too early: This helps against premature ejaculation.

Since the hormone prolactin is only emitted during ejaculation, the point is to experience orgasm without ejaculation. You don't have to give up the ecstatic feeling: An orgasm without ejaculation can be just as intense as one with ejaculation. Still, in multiple orgasm, not every orgasm is the same – you experience different levels of intensity.

8 steps to multiple orgasms

If you want to experience a multiple orgasm, there are several ways to train it. Here come the 8 most effective techniques:

1. Train the PC muscle with the Kegel method

PC stands for Pubococcygeus, in German: Schammuskel. This mostly neglected fiber strand is located between the pubic bone and the coccyx, between the base of the penis and the anus. It is responsible together with the erectile tissue for the erection to occur. During an orgasm it contracts several times before it goes limp.

To experience multiple orgasms, you should train your pelvic floor. Upgrade the muscle to a power PC. How to do it? "Next time you're on the toilet, just stop the urine stream for a moment," Dunn advises. "The muscle you need to do this is the PC."Focus only on your pelvic floor while doing this and don't use your butt or hip muscles. Hold the tension, count to 3 and then release. Repeat this procedure 30 times in 3 sets. Train 3 to 4 times per week.

"If you feel the muscle under the base of the penis contracting, you already know where it is and what is important. Then you can train it everywhere," says the expert. He assures: "With time the erections become stronger, steeper, more permanent". In addition, with the help of a well-trained PC muscle, you will be able to prevent ejaculation during climax – and that is exactly what is important for climaxing again. Like? By tightening your PC muscle when you climax, like when you break the urine stream.

2. Try the start-stop method

In the start-stop method, the penis is stimulated until it is very excited, close to ejaculation. Sexual scientists also call this critical point "Point Of No Return". When this moment is reached, you stop the stimulation abruptly. When the excitement is almost gone, you can stimulate the penis again. You can repeat this process alone, but also together with your partner several times. You repeat the stopping and starting several times in a period of about 15 minutes. Only then should you allow the climax. This method helps you to better perceive the arousal and to control the ejaculation.

3. Pull on the scrotum

It sounds a bit adventurous, but it can prolong sex: With the so-called testicle pull you can delay the orgasm. To do this, place your thumb and index finger around the scrotum like a ring and gently pull it down with feeling. Of course, your partner can also do this. Sensitivity is the top priority here: the pull must not hurt under any circumstances. Why you should palpate your testicles monthly.

4. Press the Jen-Mo point

If you press the point exactly in the middle of the PC muscle immediately before ejaculation, you achieve "injecting": the semen is sucked back by the prostate and reabsorbed, the erection is maintained. The technique comes from the Taoist culture. Targeted pressure with the curved ring, middle and index fingers on the Jen-Mo point prevents ejaculation (dry orgasm) and trains stamina. The pressure is also called "finger lock".

The Jen-Mo point, also known as the "million dollar point" or "saxonus," is located between the testicles and anus, in the middle of the PC muscle. Because it is slightly recessed, it is easy to find it. If you apply pressure to the point shortly before orgasm, the sperm cannot escape and flows back into the prostate. The typical muscle contractions during orgasm will still occur. After that you can experience more highlights.

5. Use the squeeze technique

With the so-called squeeze grip you stop the impending ejaculation. To do this, press firmly on the glans with your thumb until the urge to ejaculate fades away. Shortly afterwards you can stimulate the penis again. You can repeat the grip several times in a row.

6. Complete the penis weightlifting program

You also improve your potency by a specific strength training for your penis: "Start with a paper handkerchief. Put it over your erect penis. Move it up and down deliberately with the help of the PC muscle," advises the expert. Then try it with a dry washcloth. With regular practice, you'll soon be able to lift even a wet washcloth with ease. Potency training: How to train your penis.

7. Change sex position

If you have trouble delaying ejaculation, you should change positions. "Try sex on a chair. The woman sits, you are on top of her. This way you can stand up anytime before you ejaculate," suggests sex therapist Jane Greer. "In this way, you activate your muscles just before the moment of ejaculation, so that you can experience an orgasm without ejaculation." 7 sex positions that you definitely didn't know yet.

8. Test anal stimulation

Some men report that they can have multiple orgasms without ejaculation by stimulating the anus, prostate and surrounding area. Anal penetration is not necessary for this. Ask your partner to massage your perineum, the area between your testicles and anus.

Conclusion: Multiple orgasms are a matter of practice

Multiple orgasms are not just a woman's thing. Men can also reach multiple climaxes in a row. Not everyone is equally intense. To experience multi-orgasms, it takes practice. If you do pelvic floor training regularly, more intense and multiple orgasms in a row are no longer a wishful thinking. It's best to start Kegel training right now!

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