With a penis ring to a hard erection

A penis ring is so to speak the superfood among the sextoys. If you have never tried sex with the nifty helper, now is the time. Because the inconspicuous cock rings, as the penis ring is also called, has it in itself. It pumps up desire and performance in bed in many ways. A penis ring, when fitted around the penis and testicles, can not only make your member bigger and harder, but also ensure that you last longer and that you and your partner experience a more intense orgasm. Like? This is what we explain to you.

The advantages of a penis ring

A well-fitting penis ring is not only a feast for the eyes for the ladies, but also the cheapest and most uncomplicated way to give your best piece of meat a helping hand.

1. A penis ring strengthens and prolongs erection

No matter what type of cock ring you use, all models basically work on the same principle. The ring stagnates the blood in the corpus cavernosum, which is prevented from flowing out of the member through the veins. The arteries that supply blood remain slightly open due to higher vascular wall tension and blood pressure, allowing blood to continue to flow into the corpus cavernosum. How to get and keep a rock hard erection in the long run. Even with a mild to moderate form of erectile dysfunction, a penis ring can be helpful in strengthening and maintaining an erection. But keep an eye on the clock when playing with the magic ring to avoid any unpleasant consequences. How long you can wear the penis ring, read below in the article.

2. A penis ring pushes your self-confidence

Knowing that the cock ring will keep you hard for a long time takes away many men's fears of failing in bed. To get an erection, it is a prerequisite that you are relaxed. However, if you are constantly worrying about your potency during sex, relaxation falls by the wayside – just like erection. So a penis ring can make sex much less stressful for you. The enlarged penis also makes an impression on the beloved and that is balm for male self-confidence.

3. A penis ring delays and intensifies orgasm

A penis ring that fits tightly at the base of the penis can delay ejaculation. Men who are prone to premature ejaculation not infrequently use a manual delay tactic: just before orgasm, they squeeze the base of the penis with their index finger and thumb to prevent ejaculation. With a penis ring, the technique is more relaxed because you do not have to interrupt sex and you have your hands free. Many users also report experiencing more powerful and pleasurable climaxes with a penis ring.

4. A penis ring makes sex better for your partner

Women like penis rings. Not only because it makes the best piece look even more powerful, but because it brings you additional fun during sex. Nubbed or vibrating penis rings stimulate her clitoris during intercourse, increasing the likelihood of orgasm. Penis rings, which increase the circumference of the penis, also make the ladies feel more intense during climax. It is not for nothing that it is said that it is not the length but the thickness that is crucial for female satisfaction.

Are there risks in wearing penis rings?

Unlike other products that promise a stronger erection, the penis ring is a tool with which hardly anything can go wrong. However, to be on the safe side, you should pay attention to a few details.

The ring must fit perfectly

A well-fitting penis ring fits snugly, but doesn't hurt. The penis should not become numb when worn. Beginners are well advised with size-adjustable models. Stretchy cock rings made of silicone can be pulled off quickly when needed. If you once can't get a penis ring off your member, you should seek quick help from the emergency doctor.

Do not wear penis ring for too long

Many manufacturers warn against wearing a penis ring for longer than 20 minutes. Otherwise, there could be permanent damage to the tissue. If the penis feels numb or changes skin color, you should remove it urgently.

Put emphasis on the processing

Make sure that the material of the penis ring, or a band to tighten it, does not have sharp edges or cut into the penis. Injuries could be the consequence.

Shave before use

Hardly anything is more unpleasant than to take hairs from the intimate area with you when removing a penis ring. That is why it is recommended to trim or shave off the hair before using the penis ring.

The 4 variations of the penis ring

There are rings in the most different forms, colors and equipment. From cheap fun to expensive luxury penis ring. Basically we distinguish between 4 variants of function. If you are unsure, manufacturers or specialized staff in sex stores will be happy to provide information and answers to individual questions about the appropriate penis ring.

Size adjustable penis rings

Especially for beginners, penis rings that are adjustable in size are recommended. With them you can precisely adjust the individual diameter. There are models to tighten, with loops, Velcro or snaps. Adjustable penis rings are usually made of plastic, rubber or leather.

Stretchable penis rings

They are made of silicone, rubber or other synthetic materials. Stretchable penis rings are also especially good for beginners, as they can be stretched when needed and quickly removed even when the penis is erect.

Vibrating penis rings

Vibrating cock rings have a tiny motor that provides feelings of happiness for the partner via vibration. Many male users also enjoy the feeling. Unlike the 3 other penis ring models, this one is usually worn only around the shaft of the penis. It takes a bit of practice to reach the partner's clitoris with the vibrator. It works best in the missionary position and the cowgirl position.

Fixed diameter penis rings

Advanced users or fans of SM fetish like to experiment with the solid version. Fixed diameter penis rings are usually made of metal such as stainless steel, aluminum and other skin-friendly metals. First the scrotum is pushed into the ring, then the non-erect penis. If an unadjustable ring fits too tightly, the tissue could be damaged. The perfect size is therefore especially important.

A penis ring not only makes your member bigger and harder. The sextoy is easy to use, lets you last longer during sex and you and your partner experience a more intense orgasm. So it's high time to give it a try.

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